8th Grade Multiple-choice Math Questions: Test-taking Strategies

Most 8th graders have to complete at least one multiple-choice math assessment during the course of the school year. If your child has such a test coming up, consider reviewing the following test-taking strategies with him or her.

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Test-taking Strategies for 8th Grade Math Questions

Review the Directions

Most 8th graders have been taking multiple-choice tests since they were young, so many will dive right into the test without looking over the directions. They automatically assume that the present test will be just like all the tests they've taken in previous years. Although it's highly likely that the directions will be the same, it's still a good idea to check. Some teachers allow for the selection of more than one answer, or they ask students to skip certain questions. The teacher may even mention a way to get extra credit in the directions!

Read the Questions Carefully

Many students perform poorly on exams because they fail to read the questions carefully. Remind your child to fully read the questions and double check that he or she has completed all of the necessary steps to solve the problem. It also helps to highlight or circle important words and key phrases in the question.

Empty the Mind

Math tests usually require students to memorize lots of different formulas and rules, but many students have a difficult time keeping track of all of this information during the test. It can be helpful to 'empty the mind' of all of this information by writing it down somewhere on the test booklet or on scratch paper. This way, your child will be able to focus on the test questions without worrying that he or she will forget a formula. Some teachers also provide the relevant formulas on the test, so your student should rely on these if possible.

Use the Process of Elimination

One of the most effective strategies to use when dealing with multiple-choice questions is the process of elimination. This strategy will help your student focus on what's important by eliminating irrelevant answers. Your child should look over the answer choices and cross out the ones that are unreasonable. By finding and eliminating these incorrect answers, your student will also have a better chance of correctly answering the question if he or she has to make an educated guess.

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