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10 Educational Rewards for Your Children

If your children have done well in school or have gotten all their chores done on time, do you typically reward them with money? This might not always be a good idea. In fact, some parents discourage the habit of handing out money or food when children get good grades or meet other expectations. Instead, you might consider giving your child an educational or education-related reward! This encourages the child to remain focused on academics and also makes the reward more fitting with the achievement.

When Does Dress Code Become Censorship in Public School?

The recent banning at an Arizona high school of pink t-shirts bearing a slogan that the principal found offensive has begged the questions: Are slogans offensive if they're displayed for a good cause? Should school officials be more lenient in allowing students freedom of speech when it comes to fundraising or other positive activities? Education Insider takes a look at what could be a fine line between perceived inappropriateness and censorship.

Techniques for Teaching Vocabulary to Kids

Are you currently struggling to help your class learn new vocabulary, or simply seeking out a few tips? If you are, read on for a handful of helpful tips and techniques for teaching vocabulary to kids.

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