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Should My Child Learn a Second Language?

Many parents grapple with deciding if their child should learn a second language. There are several potential pitfalls to consider before making the commitment. Yet there are also myriad benefits to learning an additional language, particularly at a young age.

Reading Timeline: When Should My Child Learn to Read?

The path to reading for your child begins long before he or she is looking at words on the page. This article includes a general guideline of milestones along the way to learning to read. Your child may reach different points on the timeline at different ages and this is completely normal.

Making Math Fun: 10 Ways to Practice Math at Home

If your child is having trouble with math, you may be able to help. Some students struggle with math as it's taught in the classroom, yet there are myriad ways to make math engaging and enjoyable outside of the classroom. Here are ten ways you can help make practicing math at home fun for your child.

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