Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Whether you are an experienced classroom teacher or a parent designing a summer learning program, it is important to develop quality lesson plans. This section includes information on creating effective and creative lesson plans. There is information on incorporating technology, common mistakes to avoid and new methods of teaching.

Creating Lesson Plans: Common Mistakes

The ability to plan effective lessons essential for quality teaching. This article discusses some of the most common mistakes educators make when developing lesson plans, and how to avoid them.

Formatting Lesson Plans: The Madeline Hunter Lesson Design Model

Many consider Madeline Hunter to be the mother of direct teaching methods. Her theories are embodied in this 8-step lesson plan format.

How to Find New and Creative Lesson Plans

If your lesson plans bore you, you can be sure your students have lost interest as well. This article provides teachers, parents, and tutors with tips for finding new and inventive ways to reach children.

Instructional Methods: Activities to Include in Your Lesson Plans

Each student has his or her own learning style. In order to create an effective lesson plan that meets all of these different needs, teachers, tutors, and home school parents should include a variety of instructional methods. This article...

Tips for Finding Help when Developing Lesson Plans

Teachers often find themselves altering and adapting their lesson plans to the ever changing curriculum standards. This article discusses ways to make changing and developing lesson plans less stressful.

Tips for Incorporating Technology and Multimedia into Lesson Plans

Technology is becoming an increasingly relevant part of students' lives. This article discusses ways to best utilize technology and multimedia elements in the classroom.