Math Problems and Worksheets

Math at Home

This section contains articles and information for creating your own math problems and worksheets at home. These are a great way to supplement your child's education and help them perform better in school. Select an article below to get started.

Creating Your Own Math Problems and Worksheets

Supplementing your child's math lessons with a few problems and worksheets of your own will help you become better acquainted with his or her curriculum, and will help your child perform better in the classroom. Here are some tips for creating them.

How Practice Problems and Worksheets Can Alleviate Math Anxiety

Pre-generated or homemade practice problems and worksheets can help alleviate math anxiety. Read on to learn more.

Sample Math Worksheet - Simple Addition

This simple addition worksheet is only a sample to help you format your own practice math problems. Includes answers.

Sample Math Worksheet - Simple and Advanced Multiplication Tables

This sample worksheet shows you how to structure both basic and advanced multiplication tables. These formats are meant to help students memorize simple multiplcation problems and, when randomized, challenge them.