Multiple Choice Math Problems with Solutions

Multiple choice tests are used at every grade level in school. Help your child prepare for them by making your own tests at home and teaching him or her techniques for choosing the right answer. Read on for tips and sample questions for a variety of levels.

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Why Should My Child Practice Multiple Choice Math Problems?

When your child uses math in real life, she is not going to have a choice of answers. However, most states' standardized tests include multiple choice math problems because it's the most efficient way to administer the tests. If your child practices solving multiple choice math problems, she may be better prepared and perform better on standardized tests.

Even though the answers are listed in multiple choice questions, you should encourage your child to show her work. This can help both you as the teacher and your child review the work and identify any mistakes. When you create practice problems for your child, mimic the structure of real tests by including one answer that is very similar to the real answer. In addition, encourage her to practice problem-solving techniques such as process of elimination.

Multiple Choice Problems and Solutions


1. A pizza is divided into 12 slices. If there are eight slices left, what fraction of the pizza is remaining?

a) 3/4

b) 2/3

c) 1/3

d) 2/4

2. There are ten houses on the street. Three people live in each house. How many people live on the street?

a) 20

b) 10

c) 30

d) 13


3. In a recipe, you have to add one cup of sugar for every four cups of flour. What is the ratio of sugar to flour?

a) 4:1

b) 2:4

c) 1:2

d) 1:4

4. It takes Matt four hours to mow two lawns. How many lawns can he mow in ten hours?

a) Two lawns

b) Five lawns

c) Ten lawns

d) Six lawns

High School

5. 20 = 3x + 8; x = ?

a) 3

b) 2

c) 4

d) 5

6. If y = 3x + 12 and y = 5, what is x?

a) 7/3

b) 3/7

c) -7

d) -7/3


1. The answer is b) 2/3. To solve, your child must reduce the fraction 8/12. Divide the numerator and denominator by four, which is 2/3.

2. The solution is c) 30 because 10 x 3 = 30.

3. For this question, the answer is d) 1:4. For this problem, your child may get the wrong answer if he doesn't read carefully. The question asks for the ratio of sugar (one cup) to flour (four cups) so the answer is 1:4, rather than 4:1.

4. The answer is b) five lawns. To solve this problem, your child will need to set up a proportion like this: 4/2 = 10/x. Then, solve for x.

5. The answer is c) 4. An easy way to check the answer is to plug the number back into the equation. After solving for x, your child can check the answer by seeing if 3 x 4 + 8 = 20; because if it does, we know the answer is correct.

6. The answer is d) -7/3. It can be easy to overlook the correct answer. In this question, one option is 7/3 and another is -7/3. Remind your child to carefully look at all the answers before selecting one.

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