Third Grade Reading: Word Lists Your Child Should Learn

When children are in third grade, they've already learned the basics of reading fluency and comprehension, but still have a lot to cover. As your child progresses to more advanced texts, he or she may stumble over unfamiliar words and sound combinations. You can help your child by compiling third grade reading word lists for additional at-home practice.

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How Do I Select Reading Words For My Third Grader?

There are hundreds of words that third graders can study to help them improve their reading skills. In order to help your child practice, you'll first need to create word lists for him or her to review. Start by scanning the texts that your son or daughter will be reading and writing down any words that may be new or unfamiliar.

After you have a good number of words selected, put them in list form and talk about them with your child before he or she reads the text. Studying this list will help your child read more successfully. Additionally, you may even want to quiz your child each week on his or her vocabulary words to make sure there is a clear understanding of the meaning and proper usage.

Third Grade Word List

Approach (uh-prohch)

- Noun

1. The act of drawing closer.

- Verb

1. To draw nearer to.

Build (bild)

- Noun

1. A person's physique.

2. The type of a physical structure.

- Verb

1. To construct, create or establish.

Climate (klahy-mit)

- Noun

1. Environmental or weather conditions.

Develop (dih-vel-uhp)

- Verb

1. To elaborate on.

2. To promote growth and expansion.

Expect (ik-spekt)

- Verb

1. To look forward to or anticipate the coming of something or someone.

2. To consider mandatory.

Fatal (feyt-l)

- Adjective

1. Causing death or destruction.

2. Inevitable.

Habit (hab-it)

- Noun

1. A tendency or acquired behavior.

2. A customary practice.

Method (meth-uhd)

- Noun

1. A procedure, process or technique for reaching a desired end result.

2. A manner or system for procedures.

Rotten (rot-n)

- Adjective

1. Of poor quality.

2. Decomposing.

3. Extremely unpleasant or despicable.

Triumph (trahy-uhmf)

- Noun

1. Noteworthy success or achievement.

2. The joy of success.

- Verb

1. To obtain success or victory.

2. To celebrate or rejoice over success.

Wander (won-der)

- Verb

1. To roam or move about without purpose or direction.

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