Algebra Lesson Plans for K - 6th Grade Students

If you are a teacher, you probably use algebra lesson plans provided by your math curriculum. Although these lessons usually cover all important algebra topics, you may be looking for some new, creative ideas for teaching algebra. Keep reading for a variety of activities and teaching methods.

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Teaching Algebra in Grades K-6


The methods you choose will depend on your students' age, grade level, personalities and interests. If your class is energetic, you may want to include a lot of hands-on activities. However, if you have a class that is largely introverted, individual work may be the most beneficial. Similarly, you will usually use very different techniques with kindergarteners than with 6th graders. Possible techniques to consider include:

Manipulatives are any materials that you can manipulate to demonstrate a concept. Students can also use them to practice the concept and show that they understand it. Manipulatives can range from base-10 cubes to beans, buttons and egg cartons.

Use sets of algebra tiles to visualize and solve equations, polynomials and more. They include a number of small squares, larger squares and rectangles that have one color on one side and another color on the other side, with each square representing a different amount.
Quiet Games
Quiet games can include crossword puzzles or brain teasers. An algebra crossword puzzle might concentrate on vocabulary, or it could focus on writing equations (with the final solution) to match word problems.

One equation board game, similar to Scrabble, is Equate: The Equation Thinking Game. A variety of other board games, some similar to Bingo, may also be purchased. Students might be given an assignment to make their own algebra game.
Active Games
Draw the lines of a large coordinate plane with chalk on the ground and number the axes. When you give an ordered pair and a student go to that point on the graph or throw a beanbag to land on the point.
Your school or public library should have some math storybooks you can borrow. Most math storybooks are for younger children, but you will find a few that are longer and written for older elementary students, such as The Great Number Rumble: A Story of Math in Surprising Places by Cora Lee and Gillian O'Reilly.
Rhymes and rhythms can aid retention of facts and processes. Several websites, such as, have a whole section of math music with many algebra songs. An Internet search can find CDs and DVDs you can purchase. also has a lot of 'algebra music'; many of these videos were done by students for an algebra assignment.
The Internet is full of interactive algebra games and worksheets, which can be helpful because they provide instant feedback so students can learn correct procedures before an incorrect one becomes ingrained. These resources can either be incorporated into the lesson or assigned as homework.
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