Multiplication Tables for 4th Grade Math Students

Although students are introduced to multiplication tables in 3rd grade, they'll continue to apply these skills in 4th grade and beyond. To make sure your child doesn't fall behind, you may want to review basic multiplication facts with him or her at home. For suggestions and sample review problems, keep reading.

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How Can I Help My 4th Grader Review Multiplication?

Most students learn basic multiplication facts in 3rd grade. In 4th grade, students advance their multiplication skills by learning to work with multi-digit numbers. It can be a good idea to review basic multiplication facts with your child so he or she is better prepared to tackle the more difficult problems that 4th grade brings. Most students who have completed 3rd grade should know the times tables for 0-12.

Filling out a multiplication table is a great way for your 4th grader to review his or her multiplication facts. It can help him or her recall the facts mentally, in addition to visualizing them, the latter of which might help your child notice patterns in the numbers.

Also, a few weeks before classes start, you might have your child complete a timed multiplication test to identify any facts that he or she might not remember. If you know your child's best speed from 3rd grade, you might repeat these tests until your child is back up to speed. You also can review with your son or daughter using flash cards.

Multiplication Review Problems for 4th Graders

Multiplication Tables

In addition to filling out a blank table, you might give your child a worksheet with problems like the ones below.

  1. 2 x 7
  2. 8 x 9
  3. 4 x 1
  4. 6 x 10
  5. 5 x 5

Multiplication Word Problems

1. There are eight monkeys at the zoo. Each monkey is holding two bananas. How many bananas are there?

When you're creating your own word problems as review for your child, make sure to use numbers within 0-12. For this problem, there are 16 bananas in all because 8 x 2 = 16.

2. There are 45 cars stuck in a traffic jam. If there are three people in each car, how many people are stuck in traffic?

This is a 4th grade multiplication problem because it involves a multi-digit number. Make sure your child formats the problem correctly, with the 3 directly under the 5 in the ones column. First, your child should multiply the 5 in 45 times 3 (5 x 3 = 15). He or she should place the 5 in the ones column of the answer and carry the 1. Next, your child should multiply the 4 in 45 times 3 (4 x 3 = 12) and add the 1 that was carried (12 +1 = 13). He should write the 1 in the hundreds column and the 3 in the tens column. Together with the 5 in the ones column, this will give your child an answer of 135. There are 135 people stuck in the traffic jam.
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