Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Multiplication Facts

When you learned multiplication as a child, you may remember taking exams, doing repetitive drills and completing worksheets. Although these techniques are still widely considered to be effective, they're often not a lot of fun. Keep reading to find out about some fun ways to help your child with multiplication.

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Teaching Multiplication Facts at Home

How to Begin

Before getting started, be sure that you've communicated with your child's teachers so that you're on the same page regarding your child's strengths and weaknesses. Also, make sure that your child has a positive, uncluttered, clean and distraction-free workspace at home. Have your child work on multiplication facts at the same time every day in order to set a consistent routine.

Learning Multiplication Facts

Multiplication facts are simple multiplication problems that your child needs to memorize before moving on to more complicated math problems and concepts. Your child will usually begin with zeroes and ones, which are the easiest to learn because any number multiplied by zero equals zero, and any number multiplied by one remains the same. Your child will then move on to twos, threes and so forth.

Help your child create a large multiplication table and display it on the wall in the kitchen. Ask your child multiplication problems throughout the day and allow him or her to use the table he or she created to answer you. You may even reward correct answers with healthy snacks.

Additionally, you can create a matching game by writing multiplication facts on one set of index cards and the answers on another set. Flip the cards over on the table and take turns trying to match the problems with the correct answers.

Online and Real-World Resources

The Internet can be a solid source for multiplication games, activities, worksheets, charts, flash cards and many other education resources. Rather than simply sticking your child in front of a computer, sit down and help him or her play multiplication facts games and complete puzzles. Leave your child to work alone occasionally when you start to think that his or her grasp on multiplication facts is improving.

Your child's math teacher is a great person to look to for advice on what real-world help your child could benefit from. If your child is struggling, it may become necessary to hire a personal tutor, go to a learning center or else hire a math specialist. These professionals may also be able to advise you on more fun ways you can strengthen your child's multiplication abilities that specifically address what he or she needs.

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