5 Free and Fun Math Games for Kids

Looking for a way to get your child engaged with math? There are many free, fun math games online that explore basic concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as more advanced games that offer practice with decimals and fractions. Read on to discover five of our favorite educational - and fun! - math games for kids.

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1. Feed Fribbit

Feed Fribbit is a series of free online games that includes two math challenges: Feed Fribbit Addition and Feed Fribbit Subtraction. In each game, an equation appears at the top of the screen while Fribbit the hungry frog waits below. Flies with numbers on them float by and children must choose the correct number to solve the equation in order to feed Fribbit. There are multiple levels with easier and harder equations.

2. Crazy Taxi M-12

Students can really show off their multiplication skills with Crazy Taxi M-12. This game requires users to speed in a taxi around a race track, crashing into some cars and avoiding others. The trick is determining which cars to hit: If the game tells you to crash into cars that are multiples of three, then you'll need to go after cars with numbers on them that have three as a multiple, such as six, nine, 12 and 15. Be prepared to think - and multiply - fast!

3. Lake Mathatobie

Children can practice fishing and division with Lake Mathatobie. A division equation appears at the top of the screen while users dangle their fish hooks into a lake filled with numbered fish. Kids get points by moving the hook to catch the fish whose numbers solve the equation, but watch out - all the fish are biting, and you lose points for catching the wrong ones.

4. Reduce Fractions Shoot

In Reduce Fractions Shoot kids are challenged to reduce fractions to their lowest terms. Like Fruit Shoot, a target sign pops up with a fraction, such as 5/10. Kids must then find the corresponding pattern that is the same number as 5/10 reduced to its lowest terms, or 1/2. This game also includes a relaxed mode allowing students to focus on accuracy and a timed mode forcing students to perform computations quickly.

5. Scooter Quest Decimal Rounding

In Decimal Rounding children are instructed to match a decimal to its closest whole number or rounded version from a list of five choices. For example, kids may be asked to match 7.658 to the nearest whole number, tenth or hundredth. Each correct response earns them points towards advancing to the next level.

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