Free Math Games for 9 Year Olds

Students of all ages learn through repetition. Help your child gain repeated exposure to a math concept by playing games with him or her. Use the suggestions and sample games below to find a fun and beneficial way to reinforce at home the concepts your child learns in school.

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How to Make Math Games for 9 Year Olds

Typically, 9-year-old kids are in third or fourth grade and study topics such as multiplication, division and fractions. Many times, teachers require students to memorize multiplication and division facts, which can be difficult and intimidating. However, games can provide repetitive interactions with these concepts, helping students retain the material and gain confidence in their abilities.

When designing a math review game for your child at home, try using games that he or she already enjoys, like bingo or tic-tac-toe. Some elementary math concepts do not require a lot of time to figure out, which is ideal for a fast-moving game. Use simple, straightforward concepts when designing your game, such as single-digit multiplication problems. This will help the game move along quickly and your child will maintain interest without getting frustrated.

Two Math Games


For this game, you will need to make two piles of cards. For one pile, write a math problem on one side of a note card. On the cards in the other pile write the corresponding answers to the problems. Flip the answer cards upside down and arrange them in a square on the table.

Then, you and your son can take turns drawing a problem card and solving the equation written on it. After solving the problem, you will have to remember where the answer card to that problem is on the table. This game can be used to review a variety of different concepts. For multiplication, include times tables for 0-12. For division, include simple problems like 20 ÷ 2 or 10 ÷ 5.

Story Time

Begin telling your daughter about your day. Ask her to help you figure out how much money you spent today or how long you spent doing a certain activity. Then, retell everything you did and have your daughter keep track of important numbers using a pencil and paper. This activity can help increase your daughter's motivation because you are asking her for help and she is using her math skills in a real-world situation.

As an example, if you began your day by buying two cups of coffee that were $3 each, then your daughter would write down 2 x 3. After she has added up the total amount of money you spent that day, switch roles and ask your daughter to retell her day. Perhaps she bought a carton of milk at lunch or a piece of candy on her way home from school. This can be a fun way for you and your child to lean about each others' day while still practicing math.

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