Preschool Math Games: Fun Ways to Introduce Kids to Math

Your preschool child is not too young to start learning math! Play the following interactive games with your child and begin creating his or her math foundation.

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An Overview of Preschool Math

Learning opportunities that incorporate play are typically the best ways to help your young child learn new skills. To be prepared for kindergarten, it is important for your child to learn basic numbers and how to count. Describing shapes and being able to group objects into sets will give your child a boost when he or she enters kindergarten.

Match that Number

Before beginning this game, write the numbers 1-10 on index cards. On separate cards, draw shapes to represent the same numbers. Randomly spread the cards out on the table and have your child identify cards that match. For instance, if your child counts out five triangles on a card, he will locate the card with the number five on it.

As an extension activity, ask your child to identify the shapes on the cards. To make the game more interesting, you could turn over the cards and have your child flip over two cards to match the numbers and shapes. Depending on your child's ability level, you could also use the shape cards to have your child add two numbers together. The drawings on these cards would allow your child to count the two groups to arrive at a total.

Math Scavenger Hunt

Have your child go on a scavenger hunt outside in search of groups of items, such as leaves, rocks or twigs. Ask your child to lay out the collected items in groups on the cement or the sidewalk. Have her count how many items are in each group and use sidewalk chalk to write the appropriate number for each group. Together, you and your child can compare the number of items in each group to see which group has the most and which has the least.

Family of Math

Ask your child to draw a picture of his family, including extended family. Have him use the picture to answer math questions. For example, how many people are in your drawing? How many of the people in your drawing are boys? You can even have your child use his picture to do basic addition or subtraction. Ask your child questions like, 'If we have ten people in our family and all of the children go outside to play, how many people would be left?'

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