Fun Classroom Math Games for Students and Teachers

If you'd like to make your math classes more engaging and fun for your students, play a game that includes math review. Games can increase students' motivation and interest in a lesson. Keep reading for sample games and tips on how to effectively run a game in your classroom.

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How to Include Fun Math Games into the Classroom

When uncontrolled, a classroom game can cause chaos and disruption. Although games can be a nice break in the students' regular routine, they still need to be educational. Often, games are played at the end of a unit, after the students have learned the material. The students should have a firm understanding of the concepts before playing a review game.

If the game involves partners or groups, make sure you give the instructions before allowing students to find their partners. This way, the students won't be overly concerned with who they're working with and will be listening to the instructions.

If your class is particularly talkative, you may want to tell them that they have to use 'inside voices' while playing the game. Establishing this rule early on may encourage the students to monitor the level of their voices.

The following games can be used in any math class because every level of math has practice problems. Regardless of how complex the problem is, you can alter the following games to accommodate the concept being studied.

Math Games for the Classroom

Math Ball

On a beach ball, write a lot of math problems. Then, have students throw the ball around. Whenever a child catches the ball, she answers the problem that her right thumb is touching. Then, after answering the problem, she can toss the ball to another student.

Relay Races

Write a series of problems on the board. Split the class into two teams. One student from each team will go up to the board and solve a problem. If he needs help, his team can help from their seats. Then, the student passes the chalk on to another student. Each student should get a turn solving a problem.

Buzz In

Break the class into four teams. Write a problem on the board and have the students solve it. Call on the first group that raises their hands. This game can be beneficial because the students have to work together to find the answer.

Answer Hold Up

If you want your students to work independently, put a problem on the board and have them write their answers on a sheet of paper or a white board. Once the students are finished solving the problem, they should hold their answers up in the air. This game doesn't necessarily involve any points, but it can be fun for students to engage with the material in an unusual way.

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