Teach Your Child to Read Using the Neurological Impress Method

Teach your child to read the fun and surprisingly easy way using the Neurological Impress Method. The NIM works within your child's reading level to enhance the grasp of correct reading habits.

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The Neurological Impress Method (N.I.M.) is a method for teaching reading to your child at home. It was first developed by R.G. Heckelman, PhD. NIM combines seeing, hearing, and speaking for simultaneous learning. No special training is required. All you need is some age appropriate reading material (2-3 grade levels below your child's actual grade level is recommended.)

Read aloud

Sit so your voice is close to your child's ear, then read the passage out loud, together. You should read a little faster than your child can manage at first. The idea is to train him to keep up. Repeat sentences and paragraphs until your child is comfortable with the technique and develops a sense of accomplishment. It can take just 3 minutes in some cases (longer in others) to get the ball rolling.

Keep Reading & Don't correct

It takes very little instruction, but remember never to correct your child. He will hear his own mistakes and correct them by listening to your voice as he goes. Don't stop to ask questions of your child and don't entertain his questions until the session is over. The exercise is meant to build a correct reading style that will be conducive to accuracy down the road.

The finger guide

As you read together, move your finger along with the words in a smooth, continuous fashion. This gives the child a clear target to look at. It keeps his eyes from straying all over the page and helps establish his grasp of the left-right progression of text. In time, he can take over the finger function.

Stay Synchronized

It's crucial to ensure that your voice is synchronized to the speed at which your finger moves across the page. Your finger should be under the word you are reading at all times. As an experienced reader you may tend to look ahead and run your finger ahead of where their voice is. With the N.I.M. it is essential that the finger movements, voice, and words all be synchronized.

Pick up the Pace!

You need to periodically speed up the rate at which you cover material so your student is forced to read and comprehend faster. Practice reading at a slightly increased pace for few manageable minutes each session.

The Neurological Impress Method is a very effective way to teach your child how to read. It takes story time to the next level by involving your youngster directly. If you're patient and increase the demand slowly, over time, your child will acclimate to advanced reading levels naturally and be ready for further advancement in no time at all.

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