Improving your Child's Study Habits

Learning skills need to be fostered at home. This article provides tips for parents who want to create a home environment that will help their children develop and maintain positive study habits.

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Parents need to be as active in their child's education as any teacher or tutor. You can help your children excel in school. All it takes is a little creativity and some cooperation from your family. There are lots of simple things you can do every day. Here are just a few:

Turn off the TV!

The television is a huge distraction. No matter what channel is on, it will grab your child's attention, especially if their homework assignment is especially challenging or boring. Even just hearing the TV, knowing others are watching can create problems for a child trying to concentrate. Make it a house rule that the TV is off during study time. That goes for mom and dad, too. No exceptions!

Consider Mozart

Some children are actually able to focus better with some background noise. Certain sounds help relax the mind, but that doesn't mean it's okay for your kids to listen to their favorite pop star during study time. Try playing some jazz or classical music. Let your child choose, but monitor the options. Listen to the choices yourself so you know what to expect and learn to recognize when silence is the best bet.

You Study Too!

Set a good example for your children. Start a project of personal study, complete with writing projects and reading assignments, so you can participate in study time along with your children. Let your kids see that you are serious about learning new things. Show them what a privilege it is to learn for the sake of learning.

A Place of Their Own

Set up a study space for your child. Make it a permanent area where they can leave their books and papers when they aren't using them. Give them a desk and a chair, a bright, clear lamp and a bulletin board or dry erase board where they can track assignments. Make sure they have everything they need to study efficiently and comfortably.

Time is of the Essence

Show your child how to use a planner. Teach them to write down assignments the moment they are given at school and to transfer them to a dry erase board as soon as they arrive home. Don't assume your child will understand the importance of an assignment pad. Walk them through the process every day until they're doing it on their own and then check in a couple of times a week. If they have trouble, ask their teacher to help by initialing the assignments in the pad. This won't take more than thirty seconds. Time management is a critical life skill that should not be taken for granted.

Maintaining direct involvement in your child's education is crucial to his academic success. The ability to plan, organize and manage time will benefit your child in every area of life. The demands of the classroom are an opportunity to foster those abilities. Create a home environment where good study habits are primary and appreciated. Your child will develop vital skills and confidence they will need to face the challenges of life in the classroom and beyond.

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