List of 5th Grade Spelling Words for At-Home Practice

Weekly spelling tests are common in 5th grade classrooms. While repetition and flash cards may help some students, others find them boring and uninteresting. In order to better help your son or daughter prepare, try covering the word list below for at-home practice.

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Where Can I Find 5th Grade Spelling Words?

Thanks to technology, several websites offer free spelling and vocabulary lists by grade that you can use at home. Not only do these websites provide word lists, but several also offer games and worksheets to guide your child's practice. Additionally, if your child is struggling with spelling words from class, many websites even have the functionality to create games based on the words you input. For example, you can take your son or daughter's weekly spelling list, enter the words on the website and a free word scramble will be created. If you'd rather not use a computer, bookstores and teaching supply stores typically carry curriculum books that can guide you.

5th Grade Word List

Accurate (ak-yer-it)

- Adjective

1. Precise, on point or error free.

2. Careful or exact.

Bravery (brey-vuh-ree)

- Noun

1. Courage or valor.

2. A showy or magnificent display.

Disadvantage (dis-uhd-van-tij)

- Noun

1. Unfavorable condition or lack of equity.

- Verb

1. To subject to or place in harm's way.

Explanation (ek-spluh-ney-shuhn)

- Noun

1. A statement of clarification.

2. The process of providing clarification.

Frequent (free-kwuhnt)

- Adjective

1. Happening or occurring in short intervals.

2. Habitual or regular.

- Verb

1. To resort to or visit often.

Harsh (hahrsh)

- Adjective

1. Unpleasant or course to the touch.

2. Cruel.

3. Physically uncomfortable or causing a painful sensation to.

Jealousy (jel-uh-see)

- Noun

1. An attitude of resentment toward someone else's success.

Manual (man-yoo-uhl)

- Adjective

1. Operated by the hands instead of a machine.

- Noun

1. A book that provides instructions or direction.

Profitable (prof-i-tuh-buhl)

- Adjective

1. Yielding a return.

Splendor (splen-der)

- Noun

1. Brilliant color or lighting.

University (yoo-nuh-vur-si-tee)

- Noun

1. An institution of higher learning.

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