Fifth Grade Spelling Bee Words

If your fifth grader is participating in a spelling bee, there are several ways to prepare. You can help your child by using the following preparation methods and quizzing him or her on the spelling bee words below. Context sentences are included.

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How Can My Child Prepare for a Fifth Grade Spelling Bee?

It takes more than natural spelling ability to win a spelling bee, although a knack for it helps. A June 2009 opinion piece by the Wall Street Journal states that some participants in the Scripps National Spelling Bee prepare by reading entire dictionaries, even studying on weekends and school breaks ( They are often well versed in word origins, history, science, geography and literature. Even if your child isn't participating at the national level, he may find spelling bee success by setting goals for the event. Having a strong work ethic and being consistent with spelling practice also help.

Your child may find it easier to prepare when you act as his study partner. If he's a strong speller, help him review words that are at the fourth and sixth grade level in addition to his fifth grade words. Study commonly misspelled words together. If he misspells a word, correct him immediately by discussing specific errors he's making. To combat stage fright, hold a mock bee at home and use the words and context sentences below. Alternatively, take him to practice sessions, if they're available.

What Words Should My Fifth Grader Study?

  1. aquarium - The fish thrived in our new aquarium.
  2. axle - The rear axle broke on his car, so he had to take it in for repair.
  3. bazaar - I went shopping for a handmade scarf at the bazaar on Saturday.
  4. burnt - He ate burnt toast for breakfast.
  5. choir - Our choir won first place at the state competition.
  6. constitutional - I start every morning with a constitutional through the park.
  7. dessert - You aren't getting any dessert until you eat your green beans.
  8. digestion - Grandpa always said that eating slowly helps your digestion.
  9. embarrass - It didn't embarrass me when I fell during my dance routine.
  10. equation - I struggled with that equation on our math homework.
  11. flexible - That gymnast is incredibly flexible, which helped her win the floor routine.
  12. forty - It took six months for my dad to lose forty pounds.
  13. gingham - She used left over gingham fabric to make me a pillow.
  14. guess - I don't want to guess the spelling of that word.
  15. haiku - We spent the entire language arts class writing haiku poems.
  16. hyacinth - We gave Mom a potted hyacinth for Easter.
  17. inoculate - I got the shot to inoculate myself against the flu.
  18. island - We took the ferry to a small island in Lake Erie.
  19. jeweler - I took my ring to the jeweler to have it repaired.
  20. karate - My brother just earned his black belt in karate.
  21. lead - The president proved that he can successfully lead our organization.
  22. leprechaun - The leprechaun is a popular figure from Irish folklore.
  23. minute - Notice the minute details in this painting.
  24. multiplication - I love working on multiplication problems.
  25. necessary - The extra credit is necessary if you want to get an A in class.
  26. ninth - The baseball game was still tied at the bottom of the ninth inning.
  27. oasis - He thought he saw an oasis in the middle of the dessert, but it was just a mirage.
  28. occupied - Writing his first novel occupied all of his spare time.
  29. pasteurize - Today in science class, we learned about the process used to pasteurize milk.
  30. possession - I've had your calculator in my possession since it fell out of your backpack.
  31. quarantine - Her dog was put in quarantine after it bit someone.
  32. quarrel - Mom and I had a quarrel when she said she wouldn't buy the jeans I wanted.
  33. ritual - My nightly ritual is to write in my journal for half an hour before I turn out the lights.
  34. rough - That sandpaper's texture is too rough for the project you're doing.
  35. schooner - The schooner set out for its first voyage off the coast of Maine.
  36. successful - To be successful, you must keep working toward your goal.
  37. taffeta - I refuse to wear that pink taffeta bridesmaid dress.
  38. technique - The ballet dancer won the lead role because of her excellent technique.
  39. understood - He understood that he had to finish his homework to get computer privileges.
  40. uranium - Uranium melts at 1,132 degrees Celsius.
  41. vertebra - He fractured a vertebra in the accident.
  42. veterinarian - We had to take our dog to the veterinarian when he choked on a bone.
  43. wrath - If you want to feel Mom's wrath, don't do your chores tonight.
  44. wounded - The cat was wounded when we found her under our bushes.
  45. yesterday - I had a little more homework today than I had yesterday.
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