Athletics V. Academics

There doesn't have to be a split between athletics and academics! Athletes actually benefit from doing well in school and vice versa. Read on to learn more about how athletics and academics complement each other.

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Unfortunately, stereotyping creates the false impression that a student has to be either smart or athletic. However, in order for a student to feel well-rounded it may be best if they try to perform well in both areas.

Academic Skills Help You Succeed in Sports

Many sports games rely on logic and memorization, two very important components of math and other school classes. By improving your math skills through studying and doing your homework, you will be exercising your brain to work fast in the problem solving situations you face during most team sports, such as football, volleyball and basketball. These sports require players to interact and think fast to reach the final goal. Math and reading assignments help prepare students to think logically and fast in these and other real-life situations.

Traveling Academics

If you are serious about your sport then you will be traveling a lot during school. Being on the road a lot means that you may have to miss your classes. Even though you are an athlete and may miss instruction, teachers still expect you to learn the skills they are teaching when you are absent.

Many schools have minimum grade point average requirements for their student athletes. If a student falls behind in his or her classes, the student must take a break from the sports team until the student is able to pull his or her grades back up. This gives students extra motivation to learn their needed skills and strive to do well in the classroom.

Academics Teach Focus

Academics also help athletes to stay focused. Learning to study and do homework while on a noisy bus on the way to or from a athletic competition will certainly teach you how to block unnecessary distractions. This is a valuable skill for all students, and athletes in particular. As you probably know, other athletes are instructed to try to distract you during team play so you will not do as well. All of the practice of blocking out distractions while studying will prepare you for times like these.

Skills for Now, Skills for Later

Performing well in school will also motivate you to succeed in life. The vast majority of elementary through high school athletes are not going to become professional athletes. This means that you need to start to prepare today for whatever career you choose for tomorrow.

Even if you have what it takes to become a professional athlete, you will greatly benefit from a business degree or at least the math and reading skills that are necessary to complete personal tasks such as paying bills, balancing banking accounts, and paying taxes. Additionally, it is easy to become injured as an athlete, keeping up your grades and learning essential and advanced math and reading skills is like investing in a life insurance plan. If something forces you to end your athletic career, you will have the skills you need to find another career.

Be a Brain and a Jock

Physical activity and organized sports can also help students excel in the classroom. Keep these thoughts in mind the next time a student informs you that you have to be a 'brain' or a 'jock,' because chances are they are missing out on an important and worthwhile aspect of their life.

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