Just For Kids

Just for Kids

This section is Just for Kids!! Below is a collection of articles written specifically for kids on a number of topics they may have questions or concerns about - ranging from unfair teachers to wearing glasses. Kids may also learn something when reading about sibling rivalry, money issues or surviving a family vacation. Click on a topic below to learn more.

Adjusting to middle school

Middle school can be an intimidating change from elementary school. If you're just starting middle school, you'll need to adjust to your new surroundings and schedule. Read on to learn more about how you can experience a smooth transition to...

Athletics v. Academics

There doesn't have to be a split between athletics and academics! Athletes actually benefit from doing well in school and vice versa. Read on to learn more about how athletics and academics complement each other.

Dealing with an unfair teacher

Do you feel like one of your teachers is treating you unfairly? Read on to learn how you can deal with an unfair teacher in a responsible and adult manner.

Downloading music: What's the big deal

Kids around the US are getting in big trouble with their parents and even the law for downloading music for free from the Internet. What's the big deal?! Keep reading to find out about what the law says about downloading music for 'free.'

Elementary school book reviews

Have you just started reading books for fun and are having a hard time finding just the right ones to read? Here are some books that have captured the hearts and minds of kids everywhere.

Finding answers to your math questions

Trying to do your math homework, but keep getting stuck on a tricky problem? Read on to learn about the resources available to help you with your toughest math assignments.

Fun ways to learn math

Sometimes math assignments can be boring and they don't teach you the skills you're supposed to be learning. Take a break from dull math assignments - use some of these fun activities to improve your math skills!

Glasses: Chic not geek

Are you worried that you won't be cool once you have to wear glasses? Today's glasses come in all kinds of hip styles. Read on to learn more about how you can pick the right pair of glasses for you.

High school book reviews

Are you a high school student in search of a good book to read? Read on to learn about three books that you are sure to love.

How to survive your family vacation

Family trips can be exciting, but sometimes family members can really get on one another's nerves. If you find yourself starting to dread your next vacation, read on for some tips on making it more enjoyable for everyone in your family.

Kids money issues

Does it always seem like there's lots you want to buy, but you don't get enough allowance to pay for it all? Keep reading to learn about how you can budget your spending money while still saving some for a rainy day!

Letter writing tips and ideas

Lots of teachers create letter writing assignments or implement pen pal programs. If you are required to write letters, but are struggling with it, read on to learn how to make writing letters fun.

Literary Essays

Have your teachers started to assign you essays based on books you've read? Read on to learn all you need to know to begin writing scholarly literary essays.

Middle school book reviews

Searching for a good book? This review looks at four books popular with middle schoolers.

Researching with the Web

The internet is full of information to help you with homework and school projects. If you are looking for ways to improve your success with web research then keep on reading.

Sibling Rivalry

Do you ever feel pressured to keep up with a brother or sister? Does it seem like everything you do turns into a competition between you and your sibling? Learn about what you can do to ease these tensions between you and your sister or brother.

So you want to be a writer

Do you have the 'writing bug'? Do you want to improve your writing? Read this to learn some fun ways to strengthen your writing skills and start you on the road to a possible career in writing!

State-wide assessments: More helpful than you may realize

Sometimes the state-mandated assessment tests can seem pointless and stressful. Read on to learn why these standardized tests can actually be helpful.

Test Jitters

At one time or another you may have experienced what is known as test anxiety. If you seem to freeze up whenever you take a test or if you have problems dealing with test worries, keep reading for stress relieving advice.

Wash away your moving blues

Are you bummed out because you have to move and you're worried about changing schools? Read on to learn how you can wash away your moving blues!