A Parent's Role in Education

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Parents have a vital role in their child's education. By taking a few simple steps at home, you can help them enjoy school more, improve their studying and homework skills and prepare for college. The articles in this category, A Parent's Role in Education, are full of tips on to help them with their schoolwork, such as creating a positive learning environment to making learning fun. There are also articles on warning signs to help you identify potential learning or school problems.

A Parent's Role in Education

Nothing helps a child succeed like an involved parent. A little willingness from a child's parents can work wonders in the classroom. Read on to learn more about your role as a parent in the education of your child.

Creating a Positive Home Learning Environment

Your child needs a special place to call their own. Setting aside a room or nook in your home dedicated to your child's education will show him or her that you're serious about their education. Read on to learn more about creating a positive...

Evaluating Educational Resources on the Web

There are many options available when looking for additional educational help online for your child. An awareness of the costs, services, advantages and disadvantages is crucial. Read on to learn how you can best evaluate educational resources...

Improving Your Child's Grades

Parents play an important role in a child's education. This article examines some very simple things you can do every day provide your child with the support and encouragement they need to take on the challenge of improving their grades.

Improving your Child's Study Habits

Learning skills need to be fostered at home. This article provides tips for parents who want to create a home environment that will help their children develop and maintain positive study habits.

Preparing a Child for High School

The transition from middle school to high school can be challenging and bewildering for some students. Parents can help make this period of great change easier on their children and themselves. Read on to learn more about preparing a child for...

Preparing a Child for Junior High School

The transition from elementary to middle school or junior high is a difficult one, filled with new social and academic challenges. Here are some tips to help your child prepare for this big change.

Reasons Your Child May Be Struggling in School

Is your child struggling in school? This article details several of the common reasons why a child might fall behind in their studies -- and what parents can do to help.

Recognizing Student Struggles 1 of 7: The Importance of Identifying Warning Signs

The first in a 7 part series, this feature stresses the importance of recognizing your child's classroom difficulties and resolving them quickly. Read on to learn more about the importance of identify warning signs and recognizing student...

Recognizing Student Struggles 2 of 7: Identifying the Warning Sign--Confidence Levels

This article is the second in a seven part series aimed to help parents recognize the warning signs given off by struggling students. Read on to learn more about how you can remain aware of your child's confidence level, and how you can help...

Recognizing Student Struggles 3 of 7: Identifying the Warning Sign--Grades

As part of the Recognizing Student Struggles series, this feature explains what a sudden decline in grades might say about a student's curricular experience. It also offers suggestions for the most appropriate methods of correction should your...

Recognizing Student Struggles 4 of 7: Identifying the Warning Sign--Attitude

As part of the Recognizing Student Struggles series, this article explores the attitude changes to look for in struggling students and offers suggestions for improving a child's educational experience.

Recognizing Student Struggles 5 of 7: Identifying the Warning Sign--Homework

Is your child struggling with their homework. A new approach and an involved parent can work wonders for a child's success in the classroom. This is the fifth article in the Recognizing Student Struggles series.

Recognizing Student Struggles 6 of 7: Identifying the Warning Sign--Class Standing

This feature in the Recognizing Student Struggles series discusses the importance listening to your child's teacher and making use of their feedback. It also highlights what can be done if you're told that your child has fallen behind in his or...

Recognizing Student Struggles 7 of 7: Identifying the Warning Sign--(Lack of ) Determination

This article (the last in the Recognizing Student Struggles series) explains several ways to assess a student's progress and level of determination based on their responses to failure.

The 28 educational standards of the state of New York

The state of New York has 28 standards that guide elementary and middle school education. This article outlines those standards in detail.

The Educational Advantages of Using Computers and the Internet

Computer programs and the Internet create educational opportunities not available to previous generations. Read on to learn how modern technologies can become valuable educational tools.

Transform Your Child's Poor Report Card

Have your child's grades taken a turn for the worse? Did they just bring home their first poor report card? Don't worry. Read on to learn more about how you can help your child transform his or her poor report card.