Vocabulary Words for 6th Graders: Words Your Sixth Grader Should Know

Sixth graders gain knowledge of complex words by using a variety of vocabulary skills. Aside from looking up words in a dictionary, your child uses roots, affixes and context to determine word meaning. Use the quizzes below to help him or her with vocabulary practice.

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What Vocabulary Skills Are Standard for 6th Grade?

By now, your child has an understanding of Latin and Greek affixes and root words, figurative language and slight differences in word meaning. He or she can decode unfamiliar words using textual clues, as well as clarifying word meaning and pronunciation by using dictionaries and glossaries. To help increase his or her vocabulary, use the following quizzes that feature words your 6th grader should know.

6th Grade Vocabulary Word Quizzes

Matching Exercise

Write the corresponding letter from each word listed below next to its matching definition.

A. judgment
B. vestibule
C. encryption
D. virtuous
E. unkempt
F. perforate
G. controversy
H. subordinate
I. reign
J. audacious
  1. ---- A small passage or chamber between a building's outer door and interior.
  2. ---- To puncture; put holes in.
  3. ---- Someone in an inferior position or rank.
  4. ---- A heated discussion or quarrel that is typically public.
  5. ---- To convert into code.
  6. ---- Reckless, bold and daring.
  7. ---- An authoritative or sound conclusion, opinion or decision.
  8. ---- The state of being untidy and messy.
  9. ---- To have sovereign authority.
  10. ---- Possessing high morals and righteousness.

Fill in the Blanks

Choose the best word from the list below for each of the following sentences. After each sentence, write the part of speech being used.

  1. People who send text messages have a tendency to ---- words.
  2. The puppy destroyed all the ---- in our backyard.
  3. The hostess at the restaurant gave us a ---- greeting before seating us.
  4. A local celebrity was at the bookstore and I couldn't help but ---- at him.
  5. Because my research was ----, I had to rewrite the paper.
  6. I think she lives in the ---- of the park.
  7. The dancer was ---- and looked as if she floated on air.
  8. To prevent eye damage, you need to wear special glasses to view the solar ----.
  9. This ----- is not warm enough for that plant to survive.
  10. I don't like milk, so the doctor told me to take a calcium ----.
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