7th Grade Vocabulary Words

In 7th grade, your child is learning more complex vocabulary to help improve reading, writing and speaking skills. Aside from using a dictionary or glossary, he or she will also look at context, roots and affixes to define words. Incorporate the following vocabulary quizzes into your 7th grader's study time.

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What Vocabulary Skills Will My Child Learn in 7th Grade?

In 7th grade, students can determine the meaning of unknown words by looking at the context in which they're used. They also use Greek and Latin roots and affixes to decode long words. In addition, seventh graders understand antonyms, synonyms, figures of speech and subtle differences in word meaning. Use the following quizzes for 7th grade vocabulary practice.

Quizzes for 7th Grade Vocabulary

Match the Synonyms

Choose the word from the list below that best matches each set of synonyms. Add the word at the end of the list.

  1. drab, mundane, routine, stale, stuffy
  2. aged, cultured, rich, savory, soothing
  3. block, clog, deter, interfere, stop
  4. bicker, criticize, dispute, hassle, nitpick
  5. delinquent, errant, flighty, headstrong, stubborn
  6. advance, hasten, hurry, rev, speed up

Find the Matching Word

Match each word from the list below with its definition, and write the corresponding letter in the blank. Write the part of speech after each sentence.

A. capricious
B. prowess
C. apathy
D. obnoxious
E. nomadic
F. momentum
G. retort
H. lethargic
I. braggart
J. incredulous
  1. ---- Characteristic of those who roam and wander.
  2. ---- The state of being sluggish or drowsy.
  3. ---- Skeptical, unbelieving.
  4. ---- Remarkable ability, strength or skill.
  5. ---- A witty or cutting response, typically to an argument.
  6. ---- Annoying, offensive.
  7. ---- Prone to impulsive behavior or fickleness.
  8. ---- Indifference; lack of emotion or interest.
  9. ---- One who is excessively boastful.
  10. ---- Power or strength as a result of motion.

Fill in the Missing Word

For each sentence, fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from the list below. Write the part of speech after each sentence.

  1. I can't believe he walked away from that car accident ----.
  2. She is ---- to talk to him because she's afraid of saying something stupid.
  3. If you keep pacing, you'll make the carpet ----.
  4. I went to the store, but they didn't have the ---- we needed for the cake.
  5. Since the directions are confusing, can I have some ---- on the assignment?
  6. His ---- is more mental than physical.
  7. It helps to have ---- fingers if you're going to knit a scarf.
  8. I think he's feeling ---- after I played that practical joke on him.
  9. The weather is so ---- that I think I'll stay in and read.
  10. She wrote me a letter, but it's barely ----.
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