Fourth Grade Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Vocabulary is an important component of language arts instruction. Students with a strong vocabulary will have better reading comprehension and writing skills in the future. In order to help your child advance, you can review the following words and definitions for additional practice at home.

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How Can I Help My Child Learn Vocabulary Words?

Teachers often find fourth grade vocabulary words in literature selections. By having your child review vocabulary from texts they are reading in class, you're combining reading comprehension with vocabulary study. Not only will your son or daughter retain the words learned in context, but also you'll be helping your child by reviewing what happens in the story.

Once you have vocabulary words selected, your child can practice writing sentences with each word to help him or her better remember the definitions and how to use the words properly. You can also help your child by reviewing common prefixes, suffixes and root words. When fourth graders know the meanings of common word parts, they can often figure out the meanings of unfamiliar words. Studying just 1-2 times per week can help your child to quickly develop a stronger vocabulary.

List of Vocabulary Words and Definitions for Fourth Graders

Accurate (ak-yer-it)

- Adjective

1. Free from error.

Analyze (an-l-ahyz)

- Verb

1. To critically examine or study the relationship of information, parts, events, etc.

Capable (key-puh-buhl)

- Adjective

1. Having the ability or competence to complete a task or other request.

Distract (dih-strakt)

- Verb

1. To divert one's attention toward something else.

Entertain (en-ter-teyn)

- Verb

1. To provide hospitality, food and drinks for guests.

2. To provide entertainment or amusement.

Explanation (ek-spluh-ney-shuhn)

- Noun

1. The act or process of describing something to elicit understanding.

2. A statement of clarification.

Frequent (free-kwuhn)

- Adjective

1. Happening often or repeatedly.

2. Occurring at short intervals.

- Verb

1. To attend, be with or visit on a habitual basis.

Humorous (hyoo-mer-uhs)

- Adjective

1. To identify something or someone as comical or funny.

Measurement (mezh-er-muhnt)

- Noun

1. An amount, dimension, length or size acquired through the use of measuring tools such as a tape measure, measuring cup, ruler or other.

Proceed (proh-seed)

- Verb

1. To continue or move forward with one's actions after a pause or break.

Recognize (rek-uhg-nahyz)

- Verb

1. To identify a person, place or thing as seen or known in the past.

2. To acknowledge a person, place or object through a definite action, such as a nod or wave.

3. To formally acknowledge for one's accomplishments or good doings.

Surprise (ser-prahyz)

- Noun

1. An unexpected action, occurrence or statement.

- Verb

1. To strike or attack without warning.

2. To be hit with a sudden feeling of amazement.

Tradition (truh-dish-uhn)

- Noun

1. A customary set of beliefs, customs or actions passed through generations by word of mouth.

Vacation (vey-key-shuhn)

- Noun

1. Period of time when regular activities like school and work are put on hold.

2. Regularly scheduled suspension of activity for the purpose of rest and relaxation.

Weary (weer-ee)

- Adjective

1. Exhausted, either physically or mentally.

2. A characteristic or expression of fatigue.

3. Having impatience or intolerance with something.

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