Essential Third Grade Vocabulary Words Your Child Should Know

Your third grader is gaining a lot of vocabulary skills, such as defining unknown words by using roots, affixes and context. Read on for some vocabulary practice quizzes that will reinforce these essential skills.

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Third Grade Vocabulary Standards

By third grade, your child is still learning words used in everyday speech. He or she may use roots and affixes to determine the meaning of new words and define unknown words by the context in which they are used. Your child may also use dictionaries and glossaries. Third grade students can distinguish literal language from figurative language, such as metaphors and personification. In addition, they begin using more complex adjectives. You can help boost your child's vocabulary by ensuring he or she knows the following essential words.

Vocabulary Quizzes for Third Graders

Sight Words Quiz

This quiz allows your third grader to practice recognizing sight words, also known as Dolch words. These words are frequently used in everyday language and are considered essential for reading fluency. See if your child can match these sight words to their correct sentences.


1. In some countries, you shouldn't ---- the water.

2. She plans to come along ---- she's done with her homework.

3. I didn't get as ---- ice cream as you got.

4. The ---- present I want for Christmas is a new bike.

5. Do you think that plant will ---- in the shade?

6. We want to be seated ---- on the flight.

Adjectives Quiz

This quiz provides practice with choosing descriptive words and character traits. Ask your child to add an adjective to each sentence from the words listed below. In some cases, more than one adjective is applicable, so it may help to read all the sentences first in order to choose the most appropriate one. Each adjective should only be used once.


1. Grandma made a pie from those ---- cherries we picked.

2. You can spot her by the ---- headband she always wears.

3. The ---- bully got after school detention today.

4. Eating ---- food gives me more energy.

5. Sadie is a ---- dog because she curled up next to me in bed when I was sick.

6. He made very ---- frosting for those cupcakes.

Difficult Words Quiz

Ask your child to choose the correct word for each of the following sentences from the list below.


1. He explored the ---- Maya ruins on his trip to Central America.

2. The woman looked ---- in her evening dress and pearl necklace.

3. Bees collect ---- from flowers in order to make honey.

4. Put something heavy on top of your papers so the breeze doesn't ---- them.

5. Australia is both a country and a ----.

6. Harvard only accepts highly ---- students.

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