Vocabulary Words for 9th Graders

Students with a strong vocabulary generally have stronger reading comprehension skills and do better on tests that incorporate vocabulary questions. A large vocabulary can also help students improve their writing skills and communicate with more maturity. Before your son or daughter begins high school, you may want to help him or her practice 9th grade vocabulary words in preparation.

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Where Can I Find 9th Grade Vocabulary Words?

It is fairly easy to create your own word lists for him or her to review at home for extra practice. One of the best ways to find vocabulary words for your 9th grader is to select them from texts. When your child is reading a novel, scan through it and write down any challenging words. By choosing words from the text, your child will not only learn new words but will read the book with better understanding.

You can also choose vocabulary words from his or her textbooks, which is a simple option because these words are often in bold. Several teaching websites also provide free word lists for parents to print and use for review. Online lists are often coupled with worksheets that test your child's understanding of the words. For the first week, you can get started with the words listed below.

9th Grade Word List

Belittle (bih-lit-l)

- Verb

1. To speak of something or someone as if they are lesser than others.

Congruent (kong-groo-uhnt)

- Adjective

1. In agreement or harmony.

Eccentric (ik-sen-trik)

- Adjective

1. Irregular or deviating from regular or customary patterns or practices.

- Noun

1. A person or thing with unusual actions or patterns.

Elitist (ih-lee-tist)

- Adjective

1. Of or related to a superior class or group.

- Noun

1. Someone who is thought to be superior in wealth, intellect, power or other.

Negligent (neg-li-juhnt)

- Adjective

1. Especially careless, given the circumstances.

Parsimony (pahr-suh-moh-nee)

- Noun

1. A quality of extreme stinginess or frugality with money or other resources.

Propaganda (prop-uh-gan-duh)

- Noun

1. Ideas, information or rumors pushed out to the public in order to help a cause.

Quadrant (kwod-ruhnt)

- Noun

1. A 90-degree arc that's one quarter of a circle.

2. An instrument used to measure altitude with a 90-degree, graduated arc.

Reciprocal (ri-sip-ruh-kuhl)

- Adjective

1. Opposite or inversely related.

2. Mutual or given and taken by both sides.

- Noun

1. A relationship that is complimentary.

2. A mathematical term for two opposite fraction equations with the sum of one.

Zealous (zel-uhs)

- Adjective

1. Full of passion or diligence for a cause or mission.

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