7th Grade Math Help: Problems and Exercises for Struggling Students

It's important that 7th graders have a strong foundation in middle-school math concepts before being introduced to algebra and geometry. If your 7th grade student is struggling with math, you can provide him or her with additional problems and exercises at home. Read on for study tips and sample problems with solutions.

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How Do I Help My 7th Grader Study Math?

Math problems at this level often require multiple steps to solve, and it may be hard for your child to remember them all. You can help him or her by compiling some sample problems that he or she can use as a guide when in class or completing homework. For instance, to solve for a variable in a proportional relationship, like 1/20 = x/40, your child should cross-multiply (1 x 40) and then divide (40 ÷ 20). To set up a model problem for him or her, you might use arrows and colored ink to clearly label the steps. For this proportion, x = 2.

Sometimes when students are uninterested in math material, they struggle to complete the work. To increase your child's interest and motivation, you can create practice problems that use real-life examples. For instance, help your child calculate the circumference of the Earth or the moon. Alternatively, if you're traveling somewhere, have your child figure out how long it will take to get to your destination using a proportion.

Also, make sure your child practices his or her math skills at home frequently and consistently. Repetition can help your child better remember and comprehend the information. Keep in mind that once your child understands the concepts, he or she will be more willing to continue learning math.

Exercises for 7th Graders

1. If you're traveling on an airplane at 500 miles per hour, how many miles will you have traveled in four hours?

Your child should begin by setting up the proportional relationship 500/1 = x/4. After cross-multiplying (4 x 500) and dividing by one, he or she should reach the answer 2,000 miles.

2. Matt owes Cathy $400. After paying her $345, how much does he still owe her?

In 7th grade, students use negative numbers in real-life situations. For this problem, the equation should look like this: -400 + 345 = -55, which means that Matt still owes $55. If your child struggles with negative numbers, you might encourage him or her to use a number line.

3. A circle has a 21-centimeter radius. What's the area?

The formula for area is pi(r^2). For this problem, a = pi(441). For simplification, your child should substitute 3.14 for pi. The area of this circle is 1,384.74 square centimeters.

4. Calculate the circumference of a circle with a 4-foot diameter.

Your son or daughter should begin by calculating the radius, which is half the diameter. The radius for this circle is two feet. The formula for circumference is c = 2(pi)(r). So, c = 2(3.14)(2) = 12.56 feet.
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