The Value of Memory Games--Making Memories with Your Child

Memory games are an entertaining and enriching way to train your child to focus his or her attention and make note of details and relationships. Encourage your child play the following fun, do-it-yourself memory games.

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Imagine trying to complete a math lesson without the ability to remember the rules of addition or subtraction. Or try taking a pop quiz covering the 50 states without the ability to recall half of them. Math problems and pop quizzes are hard enough on their own, but having a poor memory or a short attention span makes these experiences even more trying.

It's possible to train a child's mind to catalog information even when it's not that interesting to the child. Prime your child's mind for remembering details and paying attention to the task at hand by using fun memory games and consistent encouragement and praise.

Have fun developing your child's visual memory skills. Let your child take inventory of what you're wearing, what you have in your hands or how your hair is parted, and then leave the room. Ask him or her to make a list of as many details as they can remember about you. Allow plenty of time to remember- kids can be very observant. Then, step back into the room and allow them guess what you've changed. Encourage your child to guess without looking at the written list. This will train your child to remember in addition to merely recording information. Retaining what is written can help when it comes to taking notes in class.

A game your child can play alone is the classic game of Memory. Whether the actual table top version or one played on a computer, the game builds the same skills and helps your child in the same way. Matched pairs of cards are placed in random order face down in a grid in front of your child. Your child is required to flip them over and try to find match pairs, but they may only flip two at a time. If the cards don't match, they are returned face-down in their original positions. Building on the memory of where the cards lie, your child hunts out the matched pairs until all cards are matched.

If you're looking for a way to help your child to focus and retain information, memory games are a great and a fun way to build your child's attention to detail and prime their mind for the challenges of the classroom. Math, reading and the sciences all require your child to retain information and recall it under pressure.

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