Fun Educational Games for Kids Under 10

Hands-on games allow kids under ten to develop their social and cognitive skills. The examples below are fun games that can be adapted for many different abilities and age levels.

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Interactive Games for Kids Under Ten

Kids tend to retain information better with games because they are actively engaged with the activity. A little friendly competition may also increase children's motivation to learn. When playing educational games at home, keep in mind that games may be especially effective for subjects that your child doesn't like or struggles with.

Math Throw

Go outside, throw a football around and learn math at the same time! Stand about five to ten feet apart. Toss the football and - while the ball is in the air - call out a math problem. An example of a problem could be two plus five. When your child catches the ball, he or she should answer the problem. This game can be played with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, depending on your child's ability level.

He or she will get one point for catching the ball and one point for correctly answering the math problem. Next, he can throw the ball to you and give you a math problem. Play back and forth for about ten minutes. The player who has the most points is the winner.

Picture Book Pictionary

Get four or five picture books and read them together with your child. Be sure to tell your child to pay careful attention to the pictures in the books. Once all the books have been read, place them in a large bag. During each turn, a player will grab a book from the bag and draw a picture of one of the characters in the book. The person on the other team will get a point if she can guess which character he is drawing. If the player guesses what book that character is from, she gets an extra point. Play until all the books in the bag are gone. Older children can draw specific story lines or settings from a book instead of characters.

Plastic Egg Math

Get ten small plastic eggs and fill each of them with the numbers zero through ten (or higher). Next, get two large plastic eggs and fill one with the addition symbol and one with the subtraction symbol (you can include division and multiplication as well). Place all the eggs in the middle of the floor.

During each turn, a player will grab two small eggs and one large egg. Arrange the numbers into an equation. The player must then solve the problem correctly in order to get a point. Put the eggs back in the middle of the floor and mix them around. Play for about ten minutes and whoever gets the most points is the winner.

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