Games for Kids: Fun Ideas for Educational Games

Educational games are a great way to keep kids entertained. The examples below are ideas that can be modified to any grade-level or ability. Kids will enjoy these games and learn from them.

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Using Games to Learn

Sometimes worksheets and homework can be a bit mundane for students. Incorporating educational games into your child's learning can help reinforce the concepts he or she is learning at school in a fun way. Games allow kids to learn from one another. You can also use a little friendly competition to motivate children to learn.

You can create educational games at home to help your child review any subject. The activities and games below use everyday objects, so they will be easy to set up whenever your child needs extra help.

Tennis Ball Fun

Write the numbers zero through ten (or higher) and the symbols for addition, subtraction and multiplication on separate sheets of paper and tape them to the floor. The first player will throw the tennis ball at one number, then another number and also at a math operation. This will form an equation, which the player will then solve. For example, if the player throws the ball on a paper with '4' on it, on another paper with '6' and her ball also lands on a multiplication symbol, she will create this problem: 4 x 6. Next, she'll solve the equation (the answer here is 24). If her answer is correct, she receives a point. If her answer is wrong, she gets no points. Play about ten rounds. The player with the most points wins the game.

Balloon Popping

Write questions about history, spelling or math (or use a combination of subjects) on strips of paper. Next, insert each strip of paper into a balloon and blow the balloon up. Place the balloons in the middle of the floor. During each turn, a player will grab a balloon and find a way to pop it to get the question inside.

If the player answers the question correctly, he gets a point. If he is incorrect, the person to the right of him can answer the question for an extra point. Play until all the balloons are gone. The player with the most points wins the game. You can also add a timer to the game for an added challenge.

Build the Highest Tower

This game will have your child use her physics and engineering skills. Give each player a can of frosting and 15-20 graham crackers. Set a timer for ten minutes and challenge your child to build the highest tower. Whoever is able to build the highest tower wins the game. This game can also be played with groups of children, which will encourage communication skills and teamwork.

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