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Middle school students often need help when completing their mathematics homework. Read on to learn how you can help your child with his or her middle school math assignments.

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Middle school is a time of independence for children. Students are given increasing responsibilities at school and at home but parents must still remain an active role in their seventh and eighth grade student's education.

Math is an important subject to monitor, because students can pass a mathematics course without truly understanding the concepts they have been presented. This can lead to failure in future math classes that build upon previously mastered concepts.

Be a Homework Helper

Unfortunately, many students at this age may not be willing to perform fun math activities at home with their parents. This means helping your child with their homework is critical, because it will be one of the few daily experiences and times you will have to help them master mathematics.

Students in seventh and eighth grades are introduced to probability, algebra, geometry, and even measurement concepts. All of these skills and the knowledge that is needed to successfully complete the homework problems associated with these concepts can easily become confusing. To help your child, create a chart of important math skills that they have learned during the week, month, and eventually the entire school year. Separate these skills by chapter from their math book or by mathematical concept. This will serve as a fast study guide when trying to complete a problem set or when studying for the next test.

When creating the chart, make sure your 7th or 8th grade student does the majority of the work. The physical act of making the chart may help to reinforce the organization of the skills within their head.

Using the Math Textbook

Encourage your child to read through their math book. Many students skip over the writing, not realizing there is valuable instruction that they are missing. If your child is stumped by a problem, and you can't help them with it, read through the chapter with them. You can also look in the back of the book. Many books have helpful examples, and some have answers to either the even or odd math problems in the very back of the book. These answers usually have explanations of how the math book company reached the results, so your child can work backwards to see where they went wrong.

If your seventh or eighth grade student constantly has difficulty with the same type of math problem, try creating practice questions that are slightly easier. For example, if it is multiplying mixed numbers, create a sheet of fraction multiplication to show how you can multiply fractions and regular numbers together.

Online Math Help

If there are skills that your child's textbook does not adequately teach and you have difficulties explaining, do not forget to consult the computer. Computers, especially Internet websites, are excellent mathematical resources for middle school students. There are math homework sites available where students can ask experts about specific problems or skills. There are also online math tutoring centers. These learning centers employ the same proven methods as traditional centers but make the lessons more convenient by allowing students to access their help from any computer with internet access.

If you are looking for more middle school math help for your students, do not hesitate to consult with their teacher or other math teachers. They are probably aware of new math activities and tips that parents can implement at home to help their students.

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