Middle School

Moving Up to Middle School

Middle school is a big adjustment for most students - and their parents. The articles in this category provide information for parents to help their child make the transition from elementary school to middle school. There is information on classes, coursework, teachers and stress.

Communicating with your Child's Teacher

Opening a line of communication with your child's teacher is essential for your child's education as well as your state of mind. Read on to learn more about communicating with teachers and other education professionals.

Curiosity is the Beginning of Science

Children are natural scientists, always discovering new things, absorbing information, making mental notes. Parents can help their children to make better sense of what they see in the world around them.

Developing Your Interests

Middle school is one of the best times to begin exploring the things that you are interested, not only in the sense of a hobby, but as a future career. This articles offers suggestions for coming up with activities you will enjoy and subjects you...

Evaluating a Teacher with Non-traditional Training

Teachers certified through alternative teaching programs can be competent and effective (or more so) as teachers certified through traditional programs. Read on to learn how to properly judge their credentials.

Five Ways to Teach your Child Science

Getting involved with you child's education is the single best way to ensure he learns according to his potential. It's especially fun and easy to participate in his science education.

Helping Parents adjust to middle school

Making the transition from elementary school to middle school can be tough, especially when so many schools have begun to incorporate 6th graders into the middle school programs. This article offers suggestions for parents whose children are...

How to get the most out of middle school textbooks

Middle school students are expected to learn from textbooks but rarely learn the tricks and tips to get the most out of these dry and dense books. Learn how to help your middle schooler absorb all of the pertinent information supplied in their...

How to Teach Voice in Middle School Writing

Voice is an important part of writing; without it, a person's writing will sound as stale as an encyclopedia article. This article gives a working definition of 'voice' in the writing process, and offers suggestions for including this technique...

How Well does the Teacher Teach?

There are a number of things parents need to watch for when deciding what school or class in which to enroll their children.

Improving Teacher-Student Relationships

Middle school teaching is an extremely important job, and can be more difficult than teaching positions with different age groups. Middle school teachers should be specially trained in adolescent development in addition to subject areas. This...

Integrating Literature into Middle School Reading

Studies have shown that access to literature is an important element in a well-rounded education. In reading classrooms, teachers are looking for supplemental materials to integrate into the curriculum. This article provides suggestions for...

Middle school concepts: Eighth grade math

Eighth grade math is critical to a child's success in high school. Parents can help their eighth graders achieve success by monitoring the math skills outlined in this article.

Middle school concepts: Eighth grade reading

The transition to high school is easier for students who grasp the English skills taught in elementary and middle school. Read on to learn the reading skills necessary for success in high school.

Middle school concepts: Seventh grade math

If you have a child in the seventh grade it is important to monitor their math skills. This article can help parents become aware of the math skills their child should master before continuing to the eighth grade.

Middle school concepts: Seventh grade reading

Middle school offers students challenging reading assignments. Help your child succeed in their seventh grade reading class by monitoring the skills outlined in this article.

Middle school math help

Middle school students often need help when completing their mathematics homework. Read on to learn how you can help your child with his or her middle school math assignments.

Middle School Math Help: Sixth Grade Square Roots

Learning square roots can be tricky at first, because it's different from all the math you've learned so far. However, with some practice and review, you can master this concept, too. Keep reading to learn more.

Middle school reading: Helping your eighth grader prepare for high school English

High school English courses are very different from the English class your student was used to in middle school. Help your teenager prepare for high school courses by helping them with their reading skills during their eighth grade year.

Middle school reading: Implementing newspapers as an educational tool

Newspapers bring adults around the world up-to-date information about their community, weather, sports, and news. Did you know this form of mass media can also be used to help seventh and eighth grade students with their reading skills. Read on...

Middle school reading: Improving your seventh and eighth grader's reading comprehension

Comprehension makes the difference between a passing and failing grade in middle school reading classes. Read on learn more about how to help your seventh or eighth grader improve his or her reading skills.

Middle School Transition Concerns

Middle School can be a difficult time of transition; for the first time students must deal with the pressures of having 6 or 7 classes, finding their lockers, and meeting many new people. This article contains the top concerns of children making...

Middle Schools Around the World

Middle school is the period of time in between elementary school and high school, and functions as a bridge between the two. This article discusses the differing middle school traditions in various countries around the globe.

Normal Adolescent Development in Middle School Years

Early adolescence is a difficult time for students, who don't understand their emotions or desires, as well as parents, who may be worried or confused by the changes in their teenagers. This article contains information about the adolescent phase...

Preparing for Back-to-School

Heading back to school after the long summer vacation can be tough on parents and students both. Here are some techniques for dealing with this difficult readjustment.

Psychology of Middle Schoolers

Adolescence is the period of psychological and social development that distinguishes childhood from adulthood. During the time that a juvenile matures into adulthood, they face a lot of age specific psychological development and changes. This...

Teaching Organization in Writing

This article gives a description of organization in voice, as well as its importance. It also has suggestions for ways to organize, including the principle of the five paragraph essay.

The Importance of Reading and Suggested Middle School Level Books

One way to encourage your child's interest in reading is to suggest books that are not only appropriate for his or her age level, but also are entertaining for your child. This article explains the benefits of reading, and lists some popular...

The Importance of Teacher-Student Relationships in Middle School

Most students dropping out of high school have had problems throughout their entire educational careers. This article explains the connections between high school drop out rates and middle school performance, as well as how to help a student...

Ways School Staff Can Help Children Transition to Middle School

Teachers, administrators, and school staff are all important contributors to the transition process of new middle school students. The following article lists ideas for school employees who want to help students acclimate to middle school.

Ways to Foster an Interest in History

A solid knowledge of history is one of the most important stones your child can have in the foundation of her consciousness.

Ways to Teach Grammar to Students

Grammar is one of the hardest parts of writing to teach to students, and is the part that most students find uninteresting. This article lists three ways that teachers can try to make grammar fun for students.

Writing Well

Writing well can be the difference between success and failure. Writing well is a skill that can be useful not just in school, but the professional world as well. Read on to learn more about improving you and your child's writing skills.