Fun Math Games for Middle School Students

Are you struggling to get your middle school student to become actively involved in what he or she is learning in school? Maybe you should try one of these fun activities to show your child that learning math can be fun!

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An Overview of Middle School Math

In sixth grade, your child will be learning how to use ratios to solve multiplication and division problems. Your sixth grader will also be introduced to negative integers and how to multiply and divide fractions. In seventh grade, students will be working to understand linear equations and proportions. At this grade level, your child will also be learning how to calculate the area, surface area and volume of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional geometric shapes.

At the eighth grade level, your child will begin solving systems of linear equations and working to understand mathematical functions. Your student will also be analyzing 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes using the geometric characteristics of congruence, types of angles, similarity and distance.

Let's Cook

For this activity, let your child help you make a pot of homemade vegetable soup. Before beginning, rewrite the measurements with proportions relating to other ingredients. For example, the new recipe could read, 'You will need 2/3 the amount of onions as corn.' If six cups of corn were required, then your child could multiply 6 x 2/3 to get the answer (four cups).

Have your child use these proportions to determine the actual amount that is needed for each ingredient. Then, allow your child to use the revised recipe to make the soup. If vegetable soup isn't a favorite of your family, feel free to substitute another recipe that has several ingredients.

Positive or Negative?

For this game, you will need a deck of cards containing only number cards. All black cards will represent negative integers and red cards will be positive integers. Make one stack of cards in the middle of the play area. Players will take turns flipping over two cards. The first player to add the numbers together and shout out the correct answer will take possession of the cards.

For example, if a red four and a black six are turned over, then players would mentally add 4 + (-6) = -2. Play will continue throughout the stack of cards. The winner will be the player with the most cards at the end of the game.

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