3rd Grade Subtraction Questions and Answers

Since they have already learned basic subtraction, 3rd grade students typically have to solve subtraction questions that require borrowing, which is a more advanced skill. In the 3rd grade students also review subtraction facts learned in 2nd grade. Your child can practice 3rd grade subtraction questions at home using worksheets or games. Read on to learn more.

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How to Help Your Child Practice 3rd Grade Subtraction Questions

In 3rd grade, students refine their subtraction skills during review, which helps them become more fluent with the skill. However, subtraction is also used when learning new concepts like telling time. If your child is struggling with subtraction, give him or her visual aids to use, like counters or a number line.

Although your child's teacher is a resource for additional practice, you can create your own worksheets at home. Set aside a time for your child to practice each night. It doesn't have to be long; even ten minutes each night can make a great deal of difference in familiarizing him or her with subtraction facts.

Another way to practice subtraction at home is to play review games. Play a game like tic-tac-toe and fill in the blanks on the board with subtraction problems. In order to claim a square, you and your child must successfully solve the problem. This is just one example of how reviewing can be both educationally beneficial and fun.

Subtraction Questions and Answers


1. 114 - 98

Subtraction using large numbers can be tricky, because you have to borrow numbers. When your child is working through a problem like this, make sure he is showing his work. This way, you will know what part of the problem your child is struggling with. For this problem, the answer is 16.

2. 451 - 153

Like the above problem, your child will have to borrow from the tens column to solve this equation. The answer is 298.

3. 237 - 35

This problem is a bit easier. If your child is challenged by the previous questions, you may want to include some easier problems in your worksheet so he or she doesn't get discouraged. The answer is 202.

Telling Time

1. A movie that lasted two hours and 30 minutes just ended and it is 7:00 pm. What time was it when the movie started?

In third grade, students learn to tell time from an analog clock. They also learn to manipulate time intervals using addition and subtraction. For this problem, the movie started at 4:30 pm. This is solved using subtraction. First, your child must remember that 30 minutes is half of an hour, so it can be solved like this: 7 - 2.5 = 4.5, or 4:30.

2. Five hours and 15 minutes ago, Julianne was eating lunch. It is now 6:45 pm. What time did Julianne eat lunch?

Begin by subtracting the minutes: 45 - 15 = 30. Then, subtract the hours: 6 - 5 = 1. So, it was 1:30 when Julianne ate lunch.

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