4th Grade Multiplication Problems and Solutions

In 4th grade, students review multiplication facts and learn to multiply multi-digit numbers and fractions. If your 4th grader needs multiplication practice, you can create your own worksheets for him or her to work on at home. Keep reading for more ways to help your child with multiplication.

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How to Help Your Child Prepare for 4th Grade Multiplication

The summer before he or she starts 4th grade, you can make sure your child actively reviews the times tables for 0-12 by using flashcards or having him or her take a timed test each week. These reviews don't have to be long. The key is to make sure the facts stay fresh in your child's mind through frequent and repeated exposure.

If you notice that your child is struggling with basic multiplication facts, such as 3 x 5 or 6 x 8, you may want to continue review sessions throughout the year. Remember, these reviews don't have to take much time, and they can even be fun. For instance, you might play multiplication bingo, in which the boxes are filled with multiplication facts that your child has to solve before claiming a square.

If your child has mastered the basic multiplication facts and is eager for more challenging work, you can introduce simple multi-digit multiplication. Because this is a new concept, only one of the numbers being multiplied should have more than one digit. Be sure to format these questions vertically.

Practice Multiplication Problems and Solutions

1. 30 x 5

If your child is having trouble with multiple-digit multiplication, you can help him or her visualize the steps by drawing arrows. In this problem, 5 needs to be multiplied by both the 0 and the 3 in 30. Because 5 x 0 = 0, your child should write a zero in the ones column. Then, he or she should multiply 5 by 3, which equals 15. These numbers go in the tens and hundreds columns, so the answer is 150.

2. 46 x 6

In this problem, 6 should be multiplied by both the 6 and 4 in the number 46. After he or she multiplies 6 x 6 (which is 36), make sure your child carries the 3 over to the tens column. The final answer is 276.

3. 22 x 3

After practicing with multiple-digit multiplication for a while, your child may be able to solve this problem just by looking at it. You should encourage your child to use mental math whenever he or she feels confident enough to do so. The answer is 66.

4. 3 x 2/5

You can tell your child to think about whole number and fraction multiplication like this: 3 x 2/5 = 2/5 + 2/5 + 2/5 = (2 + 2 + 2) / 5. The final answer is 6/5.
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