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High school is a big change from junior high or middle school. For most students, it is a larger environment with of new academic stress and social pressures. This section contains information on how to prepare your child for high school and how to make the most of their time there. There are article on how to deal with academic stress, study tips, peer pressure and extracurricular activities.

A Changing World: Math Expectations for High School Students

This article explores the importance of math in the modern world. It also offers guidelines for gauging the adequacy of your student's mathematics skills in relation to their grade level.

Developing Your Career with Smart Goals

Many colleges require students to choose a major upon applying, and many students who plan on working after high school will do so immediately following graduation so it's important for every student to begin thinking about their career goals...

Extracurricular Activities for High School Students

Extracurricular activities are intended to help students become involved at school or within their community. This article provides an overview of different types of extracurricular activities students can choose from and their benefits.

How to Help Prepare Your Child for High School

The transition to high school doesn't have to be stressful and scary. This article will discuss various methods to prepare your child for high school success.

Reading Tips and Tricks for the Busy Ninth Grade High School Student

Freshman year is a tough time for most high school students. The social and academic pressures can be overwhelmng. Read on to learn how to help your child increase their reading skills and get the most out of their study time.

Summer Reading: Keeping a High School Student's Mind Working Through the Summer

Often, summer is a time for relaxing, but it can also be a good time to pick up a book. This article includes selections from a summer reading list printed by the Washington Post.

Tips for Choosing the Right Foreign Language for Your Student

Many students pick a foreign language based on what their friends are taking. This article discusses other ways for students to choose the foreign language they'd like to learn.

Ways for Parents to Help Their Teens Deal with Stress

High school is filled with academic and social pressures. This article describes some ways that parents can help teens cope with this stress.

Ways for Students to Manage Stress during High School

It's common for high school students to feel overwhelmed by the many forms of stress they face. This article offers some tips for coping with stress.

Writing Expectations for Ninth Grade High School Students

This article examines the importance of writing in today's high school curriculums. It also outlines the skills expected of incoming high school freshmen as well as the skills they'll need to have acquired by the time they graduate. Read on to...