Home Schools

If you have decided to homeschool your children, there is a lot for you to learn as well! This section include information for parents to make sure that their homeschooled children receive lessons in the correct subjects and have proper evaluation to prepare them for college. There are specific articles about homeschooling regulations, resources and lesson assignments.

Advice for military homeschool families

Military families move frequently and many parents of military families homeschool their children. This article deals with some questions that may arise when military families consider teaching their children at home.

Career assessment and awareness in homeschool curriculum

Public and private schools have begun to implement career preparation classes into their curriculum. Read on to learn how homeschool parents can include career development in their homeschool curriculum.

Does homeschool fit into your family's formula?

Many parents may be interested in homeschooling their children, yet unsure if it is right for them. Read on to learn how you can decide if homeschooling fits into your family's formula.

Getting prepared for homeschooling

Parents who are preparing to homeschool their children should be aware of a few simple guidlines that can make the transition to a homeschool program much simpler. Read on to learn how you and your children can get prepared for homeschooling.

Homeschool Diplomas and Transcripts: Solutions to these College Admissions Hurdles

Homeschool student and parents often worry about getting accepted into a college without a formal diploma or transcript. The college admissions process doesn't need to be overly stressful for homeschoolers. Read on to learn more about the...

Homeschooling ADD and ADHD Children

Homeschooling a child with ADD or ADHD is possible but can be trying at times. Lots of patience and love are required for success. Read on to learn more about how to provide the best home learning environment for your ADD/ADHD child.

Homeschooling and Other Educational Alternatives

This article evaluates three popular alternatives to the public school system, as well as some supplemental educational programs.

Homeschooling Methods and Supplemental Resources

Many home schooling methods and philosophies are used around the world. Read on to leanr more about four of the most popular methods used today as well as the supplemental materials and resources designed to accompany them.

Homeschooling on a Budget

Homeschooling supplies such as curriculum guides and textbooks can get expensive. Read on toe find out how to keep your child's homeschool eduction in line with your financial plans.

Homeschooling your children for the summer

Homeschooling a child during their summer break can be used as a time to play catch up, or to get ahead. Read on to learn more about the advantages and caveats associated with homeschooling your children for the summer.

How to Deal with 'Burnout' as a Homeschool Parent

It's easy for parents to experience burnout due to the demands of homeschooling their children. This article provides tips for parents who struggle with teaching exhaustion. Read on to learn how you can deal with the burnout you experience as a...

Integrating the Internet into your Homeschool Lessons

The Internet is a powerful educational tool. But it's fraught with hazards and material inappropriate for children. Read on ot learn how to keep your children safe when they are using the Internet during your homeschool lessons.

Local and online resources to ease homeschooling worries

Despite many parents' concerns, homeschooling a child is a very achievable goal. Read on to learn more about the support resources available that can help to ease homeschooling worries.

Math Motivators for You and Your Child

Homeschooled children and their parents often dread math lessons. This article explores the value of math and pdemonstrates concrete examples of why it's so crucial to your child's education.

Online Math Assessments for Homeschool Children

Parents just starting to homeschool their children may be looking for a way to test their skill level in a subject like mathematics. Read on to learn how the Internet can help you through the use of online math assessments for homeschool children.

Preparing a homeschool child for college

Homeschooling can adequately prepare a student for college. Unfortunately, many families don't know how to guide their homeschooler through the college admissions process. Read on to learn more about preparing a homeschooled child for college.

State regulations surrounding homeschooling

Homeschooling is a legal educational alternative for families in the US and in other countries. However, there are guidelines for parents to consider when teaching their children at home. Read on to learn more about the state regulations that...

Teaching writing to your homeschool child

As a homeschool teacher, it's up to you to ensure your student has all the skills needed to become a proficient and enthusiastic writer. Read on to learn more about teaching writng to your homeschooled child.

Tips for homeschooling multiple age and skill levels

If you are looking for ways to homeschool multiple children at various age levels, this article offers tips and answers to many common questions! Read on to learn more about how to best homeschool children of varying ages.

Writing assignments for homeschool kids

Homeschool educators sometimes get stuck in an essay rut not realizing there are a wide variety of writing assignments they can offer their students. Read more to learn more about the different writing assignments that can help homeschooled...