Reading Help

It is important to develop good reading schools at a young age, as reading is a part of many daily activities. This section contains articles for parents to help their child develop good reading, writing and spelling skills. The articles have information on choosing appropriate reading material, reading to your children, spelling tips and reading games.

Appropriate reading discussions for children

Reading discussions help children to develop literary skills and helps parents monitor a student's reading comprehension. This article examines the various questions parents can use to lead a reading discussion at home.

Choosing books for elementary kids

It can be difficult for parents to find the right books for their youngsters to read. Read on to learn more about how to choose appropriate reading material for your elementary school aged child.

Creating a book club to encourage reading

Adults often form book clubs to get the most out of their reading experiences. Parents can form similar clubs with their families. Read on to learn more about starting a family book club to encourage your children's reading habits.

Creating a strong reader

Like any other skill, reading proficiency comes from practice and encouragement. No children are born ready to read. Read on to learn more about how you and your family members can become stronger readers.

Don't judge the book by its cover: Tips for parents in choosing books for kids

Sometimes it is hard to determine which books to buy for their children. This aims to serve as a guide for parents who are looking for quality reading materials for their children and offers advice for building a family library.

Don't let your child struggle with words

Most students, at some point in their academic careers, will struggle with their reading skills. Parents can be on the lookout for possible signs of trouble. Parents can turn to online tutors, face to face tutors, or choose to work directly...

Early literacy

Believe it or not, children actually know a lot about reading before they pick up a book for the first time. This article examines children's early literacy skills and offers tips on how a parent can raise an avid reader.

Help your child enjoy reading

Children who enjoy reading tend to perform better in school than those who don't. Read on to learn more about how you can instill a love of reading in your child.

Learning the joy of poetry

Parents often focus on fiction when teaching their children to read. This article introduces activities families can use at home to foster a lifelong love of poetry.

Library reading adventures

The library is a great reading resource for every member of the family. Read on to learn how to introduce your family to the reading possibilities presented by trips to the local library.

Magazine articles: More valuable than you may think

Parents are often surprised when teachers suggest their children read magazines. Read on to learna bout the benefits that reading magazines offers to young readers and how to introduce your children to the medium.

Making the home a reading-friendly place

Parents should strive to create a nurturing household. One aspect of a nurturing environment is making the home an environment that welcomes reading. Read on to learn more about making your home a reading friendly place.

Making the Most of Reading to or with Your Children: Part 1--Intro

Reading is important skill for children to learn. As a parent, you can have a great deal of influence on your children. This four-part series aims to provide you with ideas that can help you and your children look forward to reading time.

Making the Most of Reading to or with Your Children: Part 2--Preschool

Could you use a few tips on making reading to your preschooler not only enjoyable for you, but for them as well? This article tells you how to go about doing just that. Read on for the second installment in the series of articles on making the...

Making the Most of Reading to or with Your Children: Part 3--Grades K through Three

It's not always easy to introduce or maintain time for reading in a growing child's schedule, but it can be done, and it can be done with enjoyment and success. Tips for reading with children in kindergarten through the third grade are included...

Making the Most of Reading to or with Your Children: Part 4--Grades Four through Six

This is the last article in a four part series about Making the Most of Reading to or with Your Children. This articles gives more examples and tips on how to continue making reading an integral and interesting part of a growing grade schoolers...

Reading options for teenagers

The teenage years are full of emotional and physical challenges. Parents can help their children through these difficult years by introducing them to books that will give them comfort and advice. Read on to learn more about the reading options...

Spelling tips for children and parents

The English language has many confusing spelling rules. Some of the more commonly used spelling rules are presented in this article, along with a list of some commonly misspelled words.

Teaching children to spell

Spelling is a major skill that students must master before they can feel truly comfortable reading and writing. Read on to learn tips you can use to help your children with their spelling skills

Using games to teach reading

Parents can use creative activities to instill basic reading and spelling concepts into their youngsters. Read on to learn more about games to help children improve their reading skills.