10 Fun Writing Prompts for Kids

You can encourage your kids to write more by giving them some simple, open and creative writing prompts. These prompts help kids explore less formal styles and techniques while also having fun with different concepts.

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1 - Today I Am Going to...

Sometimes the more we think about writing something good, the harder it is to write at all. So an easy practice is to just begin writing about whatever comes to mind to get the creative juices flowing. Kids can use this introduction to start writing and get some words on the paper.

2 - For Dinner Tonight, I'd Like...

Here's another easy topic that can break writer's block and help kids to write in a stream of consciousness style. The key here is to let the kids flow, without worrying about following any grammar rules. If they get stuck, ask them a few questions to help them open up. How would you make it? And what should we have for dessert?

little girl baking cookies

3 - I Want to Become a...

Once the creativity is flowing, try some more challenging topics. These topics require more thought but can still be fun. If kids are stumped with how to begin, ask them what they like to do and then build off of that. For example, if they say they like soccer, ask them if they'd be interested in being a soccer player or coach.

4 - If You Could Go Anywhere in the World...

'Where would you go?' While some kids might surprise you with places that you've never heard of others might choose more familiar places like grandma's house. Whatever their choice is, allow them to go with it. If they stop writing, ask them why they chose that place in particular or what they might do there?

5 - When I'm Not Busy, I Like to...

Another fun and easy topic is simply asking kids what they like to do. Whatever answers pop up, ask them why they like doing that activity. You can also expand on this by asking them how they might pursue it in the future. For example, if a child is interested in music, ask them if they would like to learn to play an instrument?

kids birthday party

6 - Let's Go Shopping

Pretend that the refrigerator is almost empty and it's time to go shopping. So what should we get? Ask your kids to sit down and create a list. Make sure to remind them about breakfast, lunch and dinner. You could take this a step further and ask them to write up a lunch or dinner menu.

7 - If I Could Be Any Animal, I'd Be a...

Kids love animals, so ask them what animal they'd like to be. Maybe it's a lion, a giraffe or a tiger. If they're stuck and unable to come up with something, just turn on the discovery channel, open up an encyclopedia or browse the internet for some ideas.

8 - My Favorite School Subject Is...

Here's a fun way to mix school with their interests. And whether they choose social science or gym class, then ask them what about that subject or class makes it fun? What are you learning in social studies that is so interesting?

9 - Last Summer I...

Using prompts that force kids to write about past events is a subtle way to help kids with verb tenses. Again, if kids are struggling with describing events or places, ask them questions about where they were and who they were with. A good follow-up would be to ask if they'd like to do the same thing next summer.

10 - For My Birthday, I Want to...

Kids love birthdays, so you can channel that energy and excitement with this prompt. Ask them to describe what they'd do, where they'd go and what they'd eat. Focus on asking open and leading questions. For example, go with 'Who would you invite' instead of 'Would you ask Billy to come?'

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