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Students who are having difficulties with their English homework can find quality homework help online. This is a review of some of the many English homework helper sites that are now available to students via the World Wide Web.

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English homework can be really tough at times. Thankfully, students who struggle with their elementary school English assignments can still excel. This is thanks to the advent of the Internet and the vast number of homework helper sites that are now available to students of all ages.

To use this resource, students must have a computer with Internet access. Families who do not own a home computer or have an Internet Service Provider can access the Internet at most libraries. Many elementary schools also have Internet access and computer laboratories.

Internet Use

While there are a wealth of resources available for students online, some Internet sites are not credible or very helpful. This fact, along with the number of websites that now contain harmful content for children to be exposed to, creates the recommendation for adults to monitor students' Internet activities. If parents anticipate the occasion that adults will not be available when a student wants to go online, families should create rules regarding the computer and the type of Internet sites that children can access.

Online Recommendations

The following websites contain many different resources that will help elementary students with their English homework:

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper is part of, which is a service of the Discovery Channel. The website features a 'Site of the Month', which is an educational site that kids will enjoy.

The English section of the homework helper site offers a long list of websites that specialize in specific English skills. Students of all ages can find helpful websites and information through BJ Pinchbeck. The site is also very user friendly and easy for children to navigate.

ALA School Libraries and You: K-12 Students

This website is sponsored by the American Library Association,, and features several different components. Students are able to learn about effective research skills for English papers and research papers for other classes. The site offers information and advice, as well as providing useful links to other websites. This includes an 'ask a librarian' website where students are able to talk live with an actual librarian. The ALA website also features information for students who are interested in establishing a career as a librarian.

Fact Monster

This homework helper site was recommended by AOL@School. The site offers information for all grade levels and includes many different English categories. Fact Monster,, explains the various parts of speech and grammar that often are troubling for elementary, middle school, and even high school students. The site is colorful, attractive and very user friendly. Students are also able to find homework help in various subjects other than English.

All Experts

All Experts, is a website where students can ask homework questions for free. Subjects range from literature to mathematics. Students click on the subject they need information about and they are redirected to a page of professionals who can answer questions. Each professional that is listed has a profile that students and adults can view to see if they are qualified to answer the question. Users of the site rate the professionals who answer their questions so future students can see which ones are most helpful.

This site can be extremely useful, but younger students will need their parents' help to ensure they have chosen a qualified professional and have worded their questions in a clear and concise manner.

Choosing a Homework Help Website

Since there are many other homework help websites available to children, parents are advised to follow the guidelines established by the Multnomah County Library when looking for a good website:

  1. Who made it?
  2. When was it last updated?
  3. Is it easy to find the needed information?
  4. Is the information correct?

If parents or students ever question a website's credibility, this is a sign that they should leave the site to find one that is more accurate and helpful.

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