Children's Literature Help for Parents

Different kinds of children's literature serve many different purposes in your child's development and education. If you're looking for suitable books for your child, keep reading to find out about the world of children's literature and what kind can meet your child's needs.

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Improving Your Child's Reading Skills with Children's Literature

Why Reading and Children's Literature Matter

Reading can lead to improved spelling, writing, communication, linguistics skills and critical thinking. It can also increase your child's attention span, imagination and awareness of the world around him or her. Encouraging your child to read as much as possible can be a very fruitful exercise not only for your child's current education, but for all future endeavors as well.

Different Kinds of Children's Literature

There are as many different kinds of books for children as there are for adults. Nonfiction texts can include historical biography and science texts. Many poetry books are written specifically for children. In addition, your child may be interested in many different genres of fiction, such as science fiction, fantasy or humor. To increase motivation, help your child select a book that appeals to his or her personal interests.

Finding Children's Literature

Many resources can help you and your child find the appropriate books. For instance, consult with your child's teacher or local librarian. Even with the prevalence of the Internet, libraries are an invaluable resource for the personalized help that you can get for your child's reading needs. Of course, there are a lot of online resources as well, such as book lists compiled by critics, teachers, counselors and scholars.

Helping Your Child Choose Books

One of the most important aspects of empowering your child as a reader can be letting your child follow his or her own interest, choices and personal preferences. It's important to encourage your child's enthusiasm for any kind of literature. Throughout your child's educational career, he or she will be required to read texts in every subject, from chemistry to social science.

It's usually okay if your child chooses books below his or her reading level at first. All children are different and will have different tastes. Encourage any personal reading your child wishes to do; the book level will eventually increase as your child advances. Maintain a positive attitude, pay attention to what your child enjoys and discuss literature with him or her. Lead by example and don't be afraid to make suggestions.

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