Division Quiz Questions and Answers

Students generally begin exploring division in third grade. In later grades, they study long division and learn to divide fractions. The sample quiz below includes beginning division problems; if your child is more advanced in his or her division skills, you can formulate more difficult problems by using larger numbers.

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How to Use a Division Quiz at Home

In school, quizzes usually are used as a benchmark to see what students understand and what needs to be reviewed before a big test. Division may be especially difficult for your child, especially if his or her foundation in multiplication is weak. While your child may be reluctant to ask for help, you can use quizzes at home to discover any problems your child might be having with division.

Though you can create a formal, written quiz, you also can informally test your child's division skills. For instance, if you have a pizza with 15 slices, and there are 5 hungry guests ready to eat, you might ask your child to determine how many slices each person can have. If you find that he or she is unable to figure out this basic division problem, additional practice may be necessary.

Sample Division Quiz

1. 25 ÷ 5

Notice that these numbers divide evenly. If your child is just learning to divide, it's important that you don't provide content that's overly difficult since this can cause frustration and decrease his or her motivation. The answer to this problem is 5.

2. 2 ÷ 2

If your child is struggling with division, you might give him or her counters. For example, with this problem, you could give your child two pieces of candy and ask him or her to divide - or distribute - the candy evenly between the two of you. Since each person gets 1 piece of candy, the answer is 1.

3. Charlie works at a pet store. There are 4 dogs in the store, and Charlie has 12 dog treats. How many treats can he give to each dog?

For this problem, your child should establish the equation 12 ÷ 4 = 3, so the answer is Charlie can give each dog 3 treats. You can encourage your child to check his or her answer using multiplication. For instance, 3 x 4 = 12, so the answer is correct.

4. For her birthday, Megan is bringing in mini cupcakes for her class. She has 60 mini cupcakes, and there are 30 students in her class. How many cupcakes will each student get?

This problem may seem more challenging because it involves larger numbers. However, you can point out to your child that he or she can think about 60 ÷ 30 the same way he or she would think about 6 ÷ 3. This may make the numbers less intimidating. Megan can give each student 2 mini cupcakes.
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