Medium-Difficulty Math Problems for Fourth Grade Students

If your child isn't struggling with the concepts in his or her 4th grade math class, but also isn't completely comfortable with them, medium-difficulty problems could be a good fit. Keep reading to find out how you can create practice math problems that are right for your child's needs.

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What Makes a Medium-Difficulty 4th Grade Math Problem?

In 4th grade, students multiply and divide using multiple-digit numbers. They also add and subtract fractions with like denominators (the denominator is the bottom number in a fraction). A medium-difficulty problem is one that requires students to use and apply these concepts, but doesn't include too many steps or numbers that your child is unfamiliar with. At this age, students should be able to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but you may want to include only one or two of these operations per question.

Medium-Difficulty Math Problems

1. 20 x 12

To solve this problem, your child can either follow the steps for multi-digit multiplication or calculate the answer mentally. Because 2 x 12 = 24, he or she just needs to add a zero to reach the answer 240. Teaching your child shortcuts like this may make math easier for him or her.

2. 720 ÷ 4

To solve this problem, your child should use long division. Make sure he or she formats this problem correctly by placing the dividend (720) under the long division sign and the divisor (4) to the left of the sign. The answer, which should be written above the long division sign, is 180. You might point out to your child that he or she can check the answer by using multiplication. In this case, 180 x 4 = 720.

3. Reduce the following equation: 10/14.

Students at this age should understand that two fractions can be equal even if they have different numerators (the top number of a fraction) and denominators. In this case, your child should reduce the fraction by dividing both the numerator and denominator by two. The answer is 5/7.

4. 3/10 + 6/10

You might suggest that your child think about this problem like this: (3 + 6)/10. The answer is 9/10.
If your child isn't confident with fractions, you can have him or her draw a picture. For this particular problem, your child would draw a circle that's divided into ten equal parts. He or she would fill in three of the parts for the first fraction (3/10) and then add six more for the second fraction (6/10). After adding, there should be nine total parts filled in.

5. 15/15 - 7/15

The answer to this problem is 8/15. As with the addition problem above, your child should work with the numbers in the numerator and leave the numbers in the denominator the same.
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