Fourth Grade Math Logic and Reasoning Problems

Have your child use his or her knowledge of the four basic math operations to solve the logic and reasoning questions below. When solving, drawing a picture or using a table may be helpful to your child.

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Logic and Reasoning Problems for Fourth Graders

In fourth grade, your child will begin applying his or her math knowledge to solve complex problems. At this grade level, successful application of the four basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) demonstrates your child's complete understanding. Your child will also be learning to gauge how reasonable his or her answers are, as well as interpreting remainders to determine a correct answer.

Fourth Grade Logic and Reasoning Problems

1. The farmer feeds all of his animals in the same order each afternoon. Use the clues below to determine his daily order.

  • The chickens were fed before the pigs, but after the cows.
  • The goats were fed right after the cows.
  • The horses were fed after the pigs.
To determine the feeding order, your child should start with the information that is known (the goats are fed directly after the cows) and use the clues to finish the ordered list. The correct order is cows, goats, chicks, pigs and horses.

2. Mr. Smith's class took a field trip to the zoo. The zoo had four elephants that the class watched at lunchtime. They discovered that each of the elephants had a favorite fruit and a favorite place to rest. Use the clues below to figure out each elephant's name and his or her favorite fruit and resting place.

  • Jasper doesn't like bananas, but loves to relax on the grass.
  • The elephant that was resting by the rocks ate an apple.
  • The elephant that ate a pear did not sit by the tree.
  • Angie sat by the water, but did not eat a pear.
  • Harry didn't sit by the tree and Mac doesn't like oranges.
Your child may want to create a table to organize the given information. Harry likes to eat apples by the rocks, Mac enjoys his banana by the tree, Jasper eats his pear on the grass and Angie eats her orange by the water.

3. The school bus made three stops on the way to school. At the first stop, 15 people got on. At the second stop, four people got off and six people got on. On the third and last stop, eight people got off and 11 people got on. How many people were on the bus by the time it got to school?

It may help your child to draw a picture to solve this problem. To calculate the answer, your child should subtract 15 - 4 = 11. Then, he or she should add 11 + 6 = 17. At the end of the second stop, there were 17 people on the bus. Your child should then subtract 17 - 8 = 9, and then add 9 + 11 = 20. By the time the bus arrived at school, there were 20 people on the bus.

4. The city of Franklin was created on a grid. There are 96 avenues that run north and south. There are 58 streets that run east and west. The avenues intersect the streets and each intersection has a traffic light. How many traffic lights are there in Franklin?

To solve this problem, your child should multiply the number of avenues (96) by the number of streets (58), like this: 96 x 58 = 5568.
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