4th Grade Division Problems

Children typically learn basic division in 3rd grade and long division in 4th grade. If your 4th grader needs extra long division practice at home, you can help him or her by reviewing basic multiplication and division facts, as well as providing sample problems.

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What Are 4th Grade Division Problems Like?

If your 4th grader knows his or her multiplication facts, basic division should seem fairly straightforward because of the relationship between the two concepts. For instance, 2 x 2 = 4, and 4 ÷ 2 = 2. However, your son or daughter might find long division somewhat challenging because it's a multiple-step process.

Before practicing long division at home, you might review basic multiplication and division facts with your child using flashcards. This may further establish to your child how closely the two operations are tied to one another, in addition to helping him or her solve long-division problems more quickly.

In 4th grade long division problems, when the divisor doesn't divide equally into the dividend, students write it as a remainder. For example, in the problem 23 ÷ 11, the answer is 2 with a remainder of 1 because 11 x 2 = 22 and 23 - 22 = 1. The answer can also be written like this: 2 R1.

Sample 4th Grade Division Problems

1. There are 72 guests at a party. If each table seats 4 people, how many tables are needed to seat all the guests?

To solve, your child should divide 72 by 4. To format this problem correctly, the dividend (72) should go under the long-division sign, and the divisor (4) should go on the outside. The answer is 18.

2. You have 64 fluid ounces of juice. How many 9-ounce cups can you fill?

To solve this problem, your child should divide 64 by 9. If he or she is struggling with long division, you can suggest that your child use the trial-and-error method. Have him or her multiply 9 by different numbers to find a product that's as close to 63 as possible. Because 9 x 7 = 63, the answer is 7 R1. You can fill 7 cups with 1 ounce remaining.

3. A group of 88 students is going on a field trip. If each bus can hold 20 students, how many buses are needed?

Your child should divide 88 by 20, which equals 4 R8. Five buses will be needed to accommodate all 88 students.

4. A lasagna recipe serves 20 people, but Mark only needs enough to feed 10. If the recipe calls for 9 cups of cheese, and Mark opts to halve the recipe, approximately how much cheese should he use?

To determine how much cheese Mark would need to halve the recipe, your child should divide the amount of cheese called for (9 cups) by 2: 9 ÷ 2 = 4 R1. Mark will need approximately 4 cups of cheese.
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