7th Grade Math Homework: Help for Struggling Students

Your 7th grade math homework may cover topics ranging from volume and circumference to equations and rational number operations. Keep reading for an overview of typical 7th grade math concepts.

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Math Homework for 7th Grade


As a 7th grader, you'll need to know the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle. A circle's area can be found using the formula A = (pi)r^2, where 'pi' = 3.14 and 'r' stands for radius. The circle's radius is the distance from the center to the edge, and it's equal to the diameter divided by two (d/2). Circumference is found using this formula: C = 2(pi)r.

You'll also find the volume of 3-dimensional objects, like cylinders and prisms. For any regular 3-dimensional object, the volume is found by multiplying the area of the base by the height. Since the base of a cylinder is circular, you'll find the area of its base using the formula for the area of a circle given above. Then, you'll multiply that number by its height.

For a triangular prism, you'll use the formula for the area of a triangle, which is A = 1/2(b * h). Here, b and h refer to the base and height of the triangle, not the prism. Once you've calculated the area of the triangular prism's base, multiply that number by the prism's height to get the volume. For rectangular prisms, follow the same process, but substitute the formula for area of a rectangle (A = length * width) for A = 1/2(b * h).


In 7th grade, you'll learn to solve equations in the form ax + b = c, where, a, b and c are numbers, and x is a variable. Here's how to solve for x:

1. If b is positive, subtract it from both sides of the equation. If it's negative, add it to both sides.
2. Divide both sides of the equation by a.
3. This will put the equation in the form x = n, where n is a number. This is the solution.

For example, if you wanted to solve 3x + 4 = 19, you would first subtract four from both sides.

3x + 4 - 4 = 19 - 4
3x = 15

Now, divide both sides by three.

3x ÷ 3 = 15 ÷ 3
x = 5

If you're solving an inequality in this form, the process is the same, with one exception: if a is negative, reverse the direction of the inequality sign when you divide both sides of the equation by this number.

Rational Number Operations

You'll need a solid understanding of rational number operations in 7th grade. To multiply and divide rational numbers successfully, remember that, if your problem contains an even number of negative integers, your answer will be positive (-3 x -4 = 12). If it has an odd number of negative integers, the answer will be negative (3 x -4 = -12).

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