Addition Facts Test: Problems and Solutions

To help your child study for an addition facts test, you could give him or her several addition worksheets each night. Alternatively, present timed practice tests to your child to help increase his or her speed. Keep reading for information on free addition resources.

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Addition Test from Mr. Myer's Classroom

This timed addition test has dozens of problems and can be set to any time limit. You can simply delete the pre-set three minute time and type in whatever time limit you want. All the problems are single-digit addition equations, like four plus three. The test can be completed online and once all the answers have been filled in, press the button labeled 'check' to see how your child did. You can also press 'do it again' to empty the answer slots and begin fresh. If you don't mind correcting the test manually, this one could also be printed.

Free Math Test's Addition Resources

Here, you'll find both online tests and printable worksheets with downloadable answer keys. On the online tests, you can customize the difficulty by deciding what numbers will be included. You can limit the test to numbers 1-5 or, on the other side of the spectrum, 100-499. Then, you can specify the number of problems. The program is automatically set at ten questions, but you can type in a different amount. These tests and worksheets do not come with built-in timers. If you want to time your child as he or she works, you can set up a stopwatch or a clock of your own.

Addition Quizzes from

These online addition quizzes are organized according to fact family. The quizzes cover facts for 1-9. There are also pre- and post-tests available to gauge your child's skills. The total time spent working on each test is recorded; however, the timer doesn't actively count down while your child works, which removes the intimidation factor. Once the test is completed, you can also view the number of questions answered correctly and incorrectly. Print the quiz out if you want to correct it yourself without an answer key, or you can print it after your child is done in order to keep track of his or her progress.

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