Taking Logic Games to a New Level--Tower of Hanoi

Introducing your child to logic games increases the chances that he or she will recognize patterns and form conclusions with more confidence in all school subjects. Learn more about the Tower of Hanoi, an effective yet simple game that builds logic skills in students of all ages.

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Tower of Hanoi is a classic game of logic that requires a child to move a varying number of rings from one tower to another tower, by way of a third, in sequential order. Rules about stacking rings of different sizes on top of one another apply and there's a timer that encourages the added challenge of time management and perhaps an element of competition when combined with a High Scores table. The game is simple and unlike some of the logic games that are out there, it relies on that simplicity - rather than arcade sounds and colors- to keep your child focused and entertained.

The benefit of games like Tower of Hanoi are exceptional. Your child learns to recognize organizational patterns and with time will be able to see or picture the correct approach to puzzle before lifting the first ring. Keeping your child's mind primed for problem solving through games of logic is a great way to get them to take a break from the television, but make sure that your child gets a good mix of both interactive computer skill games like this as well as hands-on games of coordination. The proper mix of work, fun and entertainment will keep your child excited about learning.

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