Learning on the Go: Great Flash Card Apps

While the idea of studying with paper flash cards may seem antiquated, the educational value of the flash card concept is alive and well. In the spirit of learning on the go, an impressive variety of flash card apps are available for mobile devices including iPhones and Android phones. These apps, which include pre-written flash cards and those students design themselves, enable users to practice and learn wherever they go.

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1. Flashcard Touch

Flashcard Touch is an Apple-based app that allows you to study pre-made flash cards from Quizlet or design your own. The interface looks like a lined index card, mirroring the old-fashioned flash card concept. One of this app's most notable features is its shake to shuffle option, which keeps you from becoming familiar with the order of your flash cards.

2. Mental Case

Mental Case is more than a simple flash card app, it's a far-reaching study aid. You can enter any type of data, including text, pictures or audio. Mental Case, which works on Apple devices, then creates automated lessons from your notes that help you study efficiently.

3. Math Practice Flash Cards

Designed for the Android, Math Practice Flash Cards teaches users addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It uses speed-based drills to reinforce basic math skills. Math Practice Flash Cards has both multiple choice and open-ended settings.

4. Langleo

Langleo is an Android flash card app that helps you learn a new language. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to predict when you'll forget a particular word. This is intended to dramatically reduce the time it takes to learn vocabulary.

5. Flashcards Puzzles - ABC & Numbers

This educational app, designed for Apple devices, mixes puzzles and flash cards. Each image is a scrambled flash card that must first be unscrambled. Once the puzzle is solved, users see the number or letter, along with a relevant picture; for example, six clouds accompany the number six.

6. Flashcards for iPad

Utilizing the large screen and complex functionality of the iPad, Flashcards for iPad uses games and flash cards to teach children spelling. The highly interactive app, which is easy enough for a preschooler to use, divides flash cards into categories, such as animals, colors and shapes. It also includes flash cards for teaching children other languages, including Spanish, French, German and Italian.

7. StudyDroid Flashcards

StudyDroid Flashcards is a free, do-it-yourself flash card app for Android devices. You can create flash cards on your phone, or sync them from another device. In addition to having unlimited space on a single card, you can also share flash cards with the online community.

8. Flashcards ToGo

This Android-based app allows you to create or import your own flash cards. The app automatically creates a schedule for the cards, using spaced repetition learning to help you learn their content. Reminders appear on your phone when it's time to study the flash cards. This encourages users to take advantage of dead time throughout the day for studying.

9. Smiley Sight Words

Intended for Apple devices, Smiley Sight Words uses flash cards to teach children more than 1,500 common English words. Kids use smiling and frowning faces to mark progress, and parents can study progress reports after each session. More than 40 levels of difficulty are included, though parents can also create their own levels.

10. Interactive Alphabet - ABC Flash Cards

Intended for toddlers and preschoolers, Interactive Alphabet - ABC Flash Cards is an Apple-based app that teaches children both letters and their sounds. The interactive flash cards include words, pictures and sounds. For example, one has a picture of an apple with text and audio reading, 'Aa is for Apple.'

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