Educational Fun Math Games for Fourth Grade Students

Does your fourth grader struggle to understand his or her math content? Try using fun activities to make home practice more enjoyable. Below, you can find activities that address each of the main focus areas.

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Fourth Grade Math Topics

At this grade level, your child will be developing fluency with multi-digit multiplication. Your child will use his or her knowledge of multiplication to begin dividing with multi-digit dividends and divisors. As your child focuses on developing an understanding of fractions, he or she will learn to add, subtract and multiply fractional amounts. In geometry, your child will be learning to classify geometric shapes based on their characteristics.

Can You Make This Tree?

To begin playing this game, have your child roll two dice to create a number for the top of the factor tree. For instance, if your child rolls a four and a two, then he or she could write the number 42 or 24 on top of the factor tree. Players will take turns supplying numbers that will complete the factor tree. For example, if your child chose 24 for the top number on the tree, then the next player could write in the number three because we know 3 x 8 = 24.

Greater Than or Less Than?

Before beginning this activity, label index cards with symbols for greater than, less than and equal to. Have your child create fractions using a deck of cards. Aces will be worth one, Jacks represent 11, Queens are 12 and Kings stand for 13.

Have your child turn over two cards from the top of the deck and use them to make a fraction. Your child can decide which number to use as the numerator and which to use as the denominator. Ask your child to repeat the process to create a second fraction. Each of the fractions should be displayed on the table alongside each other. Have your child use the index cards to show if the first fraction is greater than, less than or equal to the second.

Geometry Chart

To prepare for this activity, label index cards with the names of the geometric shapes your child has already learned. Lay the cards out on your table to make the top of the chart. Write a few characteristics for each shape on index cards and place the cards in a bowl.

Have your child choose characteristic cards from the bowl and place them under the appropriate shape. For example, if the card says, 'has four equal sides', then your child would place that card under the 'square' column.

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