Educational Games for 8th Graders

Educational games allow students to be engaged in the learning process, which causes them to retain information better. The examples below are fun games that your 8th grader can enjoy and learn from.

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Having Fun While Learning

Students in 8th grade are not too old to play educational games. In fact, there is never an age limit to playing games that allow you to learn while having fun. Interactive activities will help your child practice the skills that he is learning at school and help him prepare for high school.

Where Am I?

Test your child's geography skills with this game. Write all 50 states on index cards and place them into a bag. Have each player grab a card and - without peeking - put the card on his or her foreheads using a piece of tape. Set the timer for ten minutes, and then take turns asking only yes or no questions to figure out the state that is on your forehead. For example, you can ask if your state is on the West Coast.

At the end of ten minutes, players should write down the state that they believe is on their forehead. If a player gets the answer correct, he or she gets a point. Play for five rounds and whoever gets the most points at the end is the winner.

Creative Writing Game

This is a fun game that will help your 8th grader with her creative writing skills. Have one player call out 15 random letters. All the other players should write these letters down and create a sentence or story using them. The first letter of each word must begin with one of the 15 letters. Also, once a letter has been used, it cannot be used again.

Give the player that has the sentence or story that makes the most sense a point. Have another player call out another 15 letters and repeat the process. Play for three rounds and the person with the most points wins the game.

Messy Math Quiz Game

This game will allow your child to learn math facts and get a little messy. Get a pair of pantyhose and fill one leg with one cup of flour. Cut the panty hose three inches above where the flour ends and tie it in a knot. Repeat the process until the entire pantyhose leg is used. During each turn, a child will be given a math problem. If he gets it correct, he can take one of the pantyhose snowballs and throw it at a player of his choosing.

Play for about ten minutes. The pantyhose snowball may or may not explode with flour upon impact. If it does explode on a player, that player is out for the game. If the flour snowball does not explode, he may remain in the game. The person that is left standing is the winner of the game.

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